Fighting with windmills or a dream job ?!

Blogging has become a dream job for many of us. On the other hand, it just looks like a dream job. It is hoped that it was long ago that people stressed that this occupation is not only a fictitious but also a waste of time.

Many bloggers have denied this, and now companies, entrepreneurs and marketers are increasingly open to blogging.

People are buying more and more online, and as a blogger, you can help them make the right choices. It’s a great thing when people get the confidence in you and that’s what matters most.

So, to start making money from a blog you MUST HAVE BLOG. On the blog, you need to share content that is useful, interesting and interesting to your audience. At first it will be a couple of people, but have patience. Easily build your audience on social networks. Invite people to sign in to your mailing list.

The first thing you need to understand is that social networks are emerging and disappearing. It’s just that. Blog is your medium and it exists and will exist until you decide otherwise. Everything you do on the blog work for yourself and for yourself, but also for PUBLIC! So to earn, you also need visits to your blog.

It is absolutely unrealistic to expect that when you pay for a domain and hosting, you will collaborate with the best brand in the country. It’s been working on the blog, long, fundamental, and it’s like every other business. If you can not motivate yourself to be consistent in the lives of your companion, everything will remain on the hobby.

Every job requires an investment, and so does a blog. You will invest a lot of time and money. Will you eventually be paid off? It depends ONLY and EXCLUSIVE FROM YOU! Another one you have to understand – writing for yourself does not mean that you will have an audience because you are unique. If no one understands you and can not be identified with your texts, if it does not find value, then the blog will always remain your hobby only and nothing more.

There is one thing that is poorly spoken, and that’s the balance between the audience and what you are eating. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to obey both sides – and when you do not know which one to step on, it’s best to forget about this project, cooperation, post. Anything that is not in accordance with you and people interested in your work is not for the blog. You will feel it and believe this feeling!

10 proven ways to make money from a blog …

It’s time to realize that the borders no longer exist. The market is huge and if you have built your credibility, you can start making money WHERE EVER YOU ARE. It does not matter if you are in the capital or at the top of a mountain. As long as you have the net and the inspiration and there are no limits!

OR YOU NEED TO SET YOUR BORDERS! If you want to engage in blogging in the long run. You are not Limundo or eBay. You are what you write or talk about! And it’s real that you can not be interested in everything and that everything is WOW!

I have decided from the beginning of blogging that I do NOT WANT TO WRITE ABOUT THE THINGS AND PLACES THAT I DO NOT LIKE! So if I visit a hotel or I try a product and that does not suit to me, I do not mention it on the blog. Why? Because this is my personal impression and does not necessarily mean that one of you would not like that too! For this reason, I do not want to darken you and say that something is wrong, just because someone, for example, was unkind to me. I also do not want to give importance to these things, because the Internet and Google do not know if it’s good or bad.

Why then do I recommend some things, when it’s the same, somebody will like someone not ?! Because I started this blog as a diary of nice things and it means to me when I come back a couple of years back and see what I did all of this beautifully, eat, experience.

When you do something just for money, you can see it, and it’s just a commercial that has no value. Do not engage in such cooperation, because it is a short-lived one.

Followers are what always remains and you always have to focus on them. So if you feel that something does not fit into your concept, feel free to say NO! You may stay without a hundred euros, but you will receive respect that will mean a lot to you later!

When we clear it up, here are ways to get cash with the help of a blog!


  1. Sponsored posts (I explained everything in the text above :))
  2. Brand ambassador – contract with some brand for a certain time. You appear on their events, get their new products and transfer it to your followers.
  3. Affiliate Collaboration – When someone buys something with your code or clicks on the link you gave him you get a certain percentage.
  4. Offer your articles to some newspapers and portals
  5. Become a Freelancer – write and create content for others or help them solve a problem if you have certain knowledge. It is important here to really hold on to what you know not to harm anyone! Errors are spreading much faster online and off the world, so be smart!
  6. Sell your blog on them – make your course, e-book and try to sell it! Think about a product and sell something!
  7. Sell your online and offline knowledge – if you have experience in something and if you have become an expert blog for years, you can be a great portfolio, so you can do everything that you did on your blog to work on other blogs and sites. Help others start from the starting point through education, courses …
  8. Sell a blog post – forget about huge banners and windows that pop out and offer something for just $ 9.99. A site can be a small commercial for a new project or product that matches your blog theme. Again, do not overdo it with the sale of advertising space, nobody came to see you ads!
  9. Sell your photos – if you’re photographing for a blog, there’s a way to sell everything you do not use on your blog and social networks. Great application for this is Foap.
  10. Google AdSense – simply stated google ads that you post everywhere on the blog … From this you will not get rich, but you can earn tens of dollars. Be careful not to overdo it. When people see that you have more ads than what they need, they will start to get around you!

In the end, the real thing is that you want to make money from what you do and what you devote to your precious time! It’s not bad because a blog needs to be created and the money is needed. Blogging costs! Domains and hosting cost, the website costs, products, equipment, equipment and travel cost, and it’s completely normal that when you invest in something you expect that somehow that money will come back to you later.

The most important thing is to realize that regardless of all of this, your blog is not a market or department store where absolutely everything is offered to you and what comes to your mind!

Be selective and choose. And be FAIR! Be fair to readers but also towards associates. Give your true opinion and hold it. Sometimes you will make mistakes, you may sometimes exaggerate, but always be what you really are and do not let others tell you what to post on YOUR BLOG and social networks! Work on your own because the blog is just your personal channel! The only thing you depend on READERS!

Enjoy your blogging 🙂