How travel leaves marks on you?

The best thing in your life is that you can offer to yourself and what you do to make yourself happy is traveling – with this will agree all those who love traveling.


Why is like that?



The fact is that once you start and you cross the border you can’t stop. And it’s just like that. We all have deeply in our mind that we want to explore new things.

When we were kids we were always wandering what is there over the corner. The same happen when we come to some new place. You want to see and explore as much is possible. And with time you become hungry to explore more.

In that stage of your life the hunger for traveling is already born. And once when the travel bug bites you there is nothing much to do. You just lead her, and you want it to keep that way.

Travel changes you.

Like a person.


That’s a fact.

Sometimes you might don’t see it, but ask people around you.

Especially if you are traveling for some long time. Or when you live with locals in another country.

Sometimes we don’t want to admit it.

And you become better person. You know who you truly are. You discover, not only new places and people, but yourself the most.

You get to know yourself. What do you like, in which way you want to live?

What do you want to do with and in your life?

And there is nothing more beautiful than that.

When you create your own rules and ways.

When you don’t live how others want you to live.

Because, the fact is, we all think that we have time. Sometimes we don’t have it.

Just take everything that a life ever offers to you. And don’t regret nothing.

You are always in the right place where you need to be in that moment – take the best from it!


And my favourite one is:

The time bad news is time flies, the good news is – you’re the pilot! 😊

12 thoughts on “How travel leaves marks on you?

  1. bye:myself says:

    I’m not sure if travelling automatically broadens your horizon. I’ve read that it can enhance prejudice in some people since they think they find proof of their bad image of a country or a nation. I think you have to be an open person and curious to really profit from travelling. Otherwise you just visit places….

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    1. traveloptician says:

      I agree that you should be open to everything when you travel otherwise it’s just completing your list of visited countries – for some people that makes sense too, but not for me! I love to enjoy in every country that I visit and try to give it a best chance to show me all it has!


  2. Medha Verma says:

    I couldn’t agree more with that sentence, that travel changes you. And certainly for the better. There’s another quote about this that I love personally – “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness” and it is so true!

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  3. Eric Gamble says:

    Great quote about Time Flies! Never heard that one. I agree with you on how travel changes you and makes you better. Like you said as children we are always discovering and learning. But as we grow older we get caught up in survival and maintenance. We rarely read, explore, travel, or learn anything…thus we stop growing. That is why I love travel. I love that scary feeling I get in my gut when I try something totally bizarre, new or scary because at that point I am have a 1st time experience which I rarely have anymore and thus I will be able to learn something & grow.

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