It’s already one year since I’m in blogging. And I can’t believe it.

Time flies so fast!




So, what did I learn last year?!

In first year of blogging I learn that the most important thing is to be yourself. The worst thing you can do is to stop doing what you love.

Sometimes to be blogger is hard – to be a travel blogger.

There is a lot of travel bloggers out there.

So, let me share with you what I did in my first year.

I didn’t post so much. But I have been working on myself and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I travelled to few countries.

I moved to another country solo.

I was working on my personality a lot – the most important thing for me.

And nobody can’t take that away from me.

In this 4 years since I’m on the road, I visited 11 foreign countries and over 150 cities.

When I look at that number, it’s amazing.

People often ask me –  HOW?!

To be honest, it’s not easy, far from perfect. But, I’m keep working.

Make travel as priority.

I quit going out every weekend. I quit going to the cinema once a week. My few coffees per day I changed with long walks with friends or to home visits. I quit to buy 5 chocolates in one week.

It’s not like I don’t go out at all anymore, it’s not I don’t go to the cinema or that I don’t take coffees anymore. I still do. But less. And the feeling is amazing.

All that money I invest in myself. To become a better person. I took a few courses. I travelled a lot. And until that is making me happy – I’m ready to keep going with that.

That feeling that you have after every trip, after every successful course – it’s only yours and it’s amazing.

I wish to keep going with my writing and I would like to write more. I hope in this new year I will do it more.

I’m so happy to have you for my reader. – THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! 🙂

So thankful that I choose this way and this job.

I hope that I will hang out more with all of you through my post in new year.


You can only be better from yourself and the person you were yesterday! 🙂