Germany’s miss sunshine / Freiburg

Let’s go a little bit in our neighbourhood – let’s fly for a change to Germany! And to be exact – to it’s miss sunshine.

This wonderful story about it, today is sharing with us, one of my readers who wanted to stay anonymous. To respect that – let’s hear the story! 🙂




Hello there dear Travelers!!!

Today we’re gonna talk a little bit about Germany’s miss sunshine city of Freiburg.


Why miss sunshine??! Well, because it has most sunny days in year in Germany so I’m very happy that I’m living there, I don’t like cold weather – sooo yeah, that’s that.

Where exactly is Freiburg? What can you do there? Which places you must see and which one is definitely my favourite? What and where to eat? We’ll get to that in a moment.


Freiburg is located south-west in a second most richest region or country of Germany called Baden Württemberg. It’s very rich with nature. There are a lot of green places and mountains around th city that gives life to a place like this. Borders with France and Switzerland are like +-100km, more or less than a hundred, but to say like and hour drive from Freiburg, so shopping in Strasbourg or going to Colmar to the second best Christmas market in Europe, after Zagreb, or traveling to Basel or Zurich are all around the corner. Most popular places for nature lovers are the Schwarzwald or in English Black Forest mountain. Around the mountain are small villages that have beautiful small lakes and forests with a lot of wild animals that roam freely through it. Only two minutes from the center of Freiburg is a small hill Schlossberg that gives you a great view of the whole city and a little bit more. There are two gates with only 500meters distance between them and they are most famous things in the city, names are Martinstor and Schwabentor. The gates are unique because it divides the old city from the rest of the city, tram are driving through them so that’s cool to see, for tourists or travelers a place to take a lot of pictures. You can say that the city is very cultural oriented, with a theatre in the “heart of the city”, a lot of cultural events happens there.


Freiburg is a student city and it has very rare Renaissance University, different from the most that I’ve seen and for me that’s the best thing about this city, a lot of young people are filling the city every day in coffee shops or hangout at places are full of them. From Friday till Sunday city is full of life. It’s difficult to find a place in bars, pubs and discotheques during those days but it’s worth to try because you can have a great time for sure, wherever you wish to go. One place is particularly unique and that is Barcelona market. During the day it’s an open market where you can buy fresh food (fruits, veggies, fish and meat), but during the night it becomes a disco/cocktail bar/kitchen with food from all around the world and it has something for everybody.


There you can hear the German evergreen and dance to it, but only if you want because it’s very bed, but the place is dope. Through the city you’ll find a lot of places to eat, from kebab to asian kitchen, europe (mostly italian and greek) kichen, south america (mexican food and argentine steak houses) and all known Mc and Burger King. There aren’t many german speciality so I won’t mention them because I don’t eat them to, sorry. Mostly all of this food you’ll find in the center so you won’t miss a thing, that I guarantee you. If Amsterdam is king of bikes (saw the biggest bike “cemetery” that I’ll never forget, creepy place for sure), then Freiburg is the queen because it has more bikes than people all around the city and even if you have a piece of garbage, if you don’t look after it, your bike will be stolen. Every two minutes are bikes stolen here so what about the statistics, fucking crazy – but true. In the end I’ll mention that town or city or whatever is one big multi-culture city so don’t freak out if you see like 20 different nationality in 10meter square because it’s like that and that’s the charm of this city and Freiburg functions that way.


So dear travelers, nature lovers, adventurers!!!


When you have time and if you have a little bit of money, come and see Freiburg.

I really hope you won’t regret it.


Kisses from anonymous

* This text reflects the opinions and experiences of the guest writer and does not reflect the views of the blog author


12 thoughts on “Germany’s miss sunshine / Freiburg

  1. Ami Bhat says:

    I have not really heard of Freiburg and this post makes me curious enough to know more about it. Seems like a scenic town that has enough to do without tiring out. I will be researching on how to get here and stuff, after I plan a trip to Germany

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Danik says:

    Loving the sunshine on your photos. he he. But seriously, I have passed through Freiburg before and found it to be a quaint little town. I do love Germany and I think another visit is needed very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Céline CLudik says:

    Love hearing about new places like this especially when It’s a bit off the beaten path ! Gorgeous photos of Freiburg 🙂 Really this is the sunniest city in Germany ? Freiburg looks like a great little city that has both French and German influence in the culture, food, architecture !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Alexander Popkov says:

    Indeed. So much sunshine on your photos:) I thought for a moment that it is Finland (where I live). They have a joke:
    – Don’t you have sun in your country? You look so pale…
    – We do, but I was walking on that day
    And if you don’t have suntan, they call you “a captain of a chalk ship”

    Liked by 1 person

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