Presentations about travels

At first, when I started my blog, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever gave presentations about my travels. And that anybody would be interested in listening my stories about my travels or my life living abroad in two countries so far.


I could never imagine that it would go that way.


How did it all start?


All thanks goes to travel agency STA putovanja in Zagreb, Croatia. They called me first to give a presentation. To represent my travel blog and to share with them my three months of living in Malta.

My presentations contain a lot of photos and my personal experiences, some videos and a lot of travel stories.

About Malta I have given a presentation in a nursing home, library and a public school.

While the presentation about my life in Spain I was called to give in a library and a nursing home.


I had an amazing time with people who came to listen my stories, the most impressive was that they had questions. And for someone like me, or anybody who’s giving a presentation that’s most important thing, because then you know you didn’t throw your words in wind. Somebody was listening what were you saying, and it was interested some kind.


How it all looks like?

Well, the best way to find it out is that you come to one of my presentations.

And soon, you will be able to watch it on my YouTube channel. 😉

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