A quick guide to Opatija / CROATIA

If you’re traveling around Croatian cost then probably one of your stops is Opatija. It’s located near Rijeka.

Now, let’s move around Opatija and let’s check what it has to offer. I went there for a New Year, my second time was in spring, but it’s also wonderful during the whole year, especially during the summer time.

Whenever you decide to go, it’s a perfect choice.


Where is Opatija?

Opatija is a town in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia. The traditional seaside resort on the Kvarner Gulf is known for it’s Mediterranean climate and its historic buildings reminiscent of the Austrian Riviera.


What to do in Opatija?

Take a walk around the city centre and on the walking trail that follows the coast. There you’ll find the best corners that this city can offer to you.

The most recognized picture of Opatija is the statue of Maiden with the seagull is a symbol of Opatija & entire Kvarner region.

And you’re very lucky if you capture it with a bird on the top of her head.



Where to eat in Opatija?

These places are my recommendation. Opatija has a rich cusine and it offers something for everyone, you won’t leave it dissapointed – for sure!

Here are some of my recommedations.

  • Lido Beach Resort

It’ located in the centre of Opatija, the entrance to the beach is free and you can also take a massage while you’re looking to the sea.

It’s a perfect spot for high quality local food, here is a picture like a proof.

To check their menu and prices – here.



  • Restaurant Ruzmarin

The combination of communityhistorypresent and future.

That’s how you can describe this lovely restaurant – in the same way as they said.

They serve beautiful and delicious food. Come and check, you’ll enjoy I’m sure.

To check their menu and prices – here.




Opatija is definitely one of my favourite cities for one day tip.

When you’re near make sure it’s on you bucket list. You’ll be amazed – I promise! 😀



From Opatija this time with a lots of love,

Travel Optician

52 thoughts on “A quick guide to Opatija / CROATIA

  1. Milijana says:

    Hi Nives,

    A few years ago I took my mum for a lunch at the Ružmarin restaurant while wandering in Opatija. Both of us loved it! Delicious food and great atmosphere! I can highly recommend it too.

    xoxo Milijana

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