In the beautiful city of Budapest, lays the island of Obuda, which turns into an island of freedom for seven days quenching all kinds of festival goers thirst.

I have visited the festival twice and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a perfect week off and enjoying your favorite bands live in action.

All while also exploring and experiencing a different kind of world that feels like an accomplishment as much as fun by the end of it.

What’s Sziget Festival like?

In a word: Crazy!

Getting in and out of the festival

This is relatively easy. The tram goes to within a 5-minute walk of the entrance gate, you just need to get off at Filatorigát. It can take up to 30 minutes to actually get to the entrance gates though, depending on the queue at the time you go. There were loads of wristband checkpoints and if you’re anything other than on a weekly camping pass you queue for a new ticket every day.


I never had any problems getting home to by Buda hostel at night either. I think my latest was about 5am and there was always a tram within about 10 minutes of getting to the station. It was 350ft for a ticket – less than £1. There were conductors checking tickets so don’t try to skip it or you’ll get fined.


There are also taxis waiting just outside the gate if you can’t quite cope with the tram. There’s also a boat service you can take if it’s anything before early afternoon, and there’s a bike storage tent too.

Inside Sziget

The crowds at Sziget were huge. When they got over-excited at the main stage it was unnerving to think I was right in the centre of a good few thousand people.

Sizget is full of activities from concerts to daily shows and presentations, boat parties – there is something for everybody.


Staying outside the Sziget Festival

While staying outside the festival, I spent most of my days exploring Budapest, eating food from the city and heading over to the festival around sometime in the afternoon.

Budapest is an exciting and happening destination on its own and there is a lot of things to do, especially the Parliament, the Ruin pubs, the magnificent architecture and the natural thermal spring baths.

During that visit, I loved the city so much that I skipped the festival for a couple of days and just enjoyed the city, which also has a great nightlife.

The Street acts and Circus

Streets acts are to be found everywhere, from dances to magic tricks, you just need to keep your eyes open on this island.

The Circus brings in some international talents from around the world to show some really cool acts.


There is also a street theatre, which I could not make in time, but it seemed pretty cool.

There is also a street theatre, which I could not make in time, but it seemed pretty cool, there is a lot of non-music artists who are involved in this mainstream Music festival, which makes it very different from the conventional festivals.

Final thoughts

To sum up Sziget in a few sentences…

  • I definitely got into the swing of the craziness as the week went on
  • I kind of regret not making more of the day activities, but I loved Budapest too much
  • You should stick with the smaller stages to get more of an atmosphere and better sound
  • The food and the Sky Bar were the best and most unique things about Sziget Festival