We could start by mentioning that only during the year 1990, the number of tourist that visited the Philippines was slightly above one million tourists, and just last year that number has grown to well over six and a half million tourists, one-third of those tourists were on the island of Boracay. As we know with tourists there also come ecological problems, just with the start of this year, there have been well over 800 ecological discrepancies, and the island was closed in an attempt to avoid an ecological disaster

The major part of the problem was solved, and the island is currently open only for the local tourists, and on the 26. of October it will be open to the general populace, but with a few restrictions. Most of the problem has been resolved and the island is currently open only to local tourists, and on October 26th it will open for the rest, but with restrictions:

  • They will restrict the number of nights
  • The number of accommodations will be lowered from 12 thousand down to 6 thousand, so they are getting cut in
  • The famous parties known as LaBoracaya will be
  • They will banned gambling
  • Smoking, drinking, and eating will be forbidden on the world-famous White Beach
  • Temporarily all water based activities will be stopped
  • Souvenir shops on the beach will be forbidden and closed
  • Barbecuing with hot coal will be forbidden on the beach
  • They will ban the use of plastic bags


The Philipines have around 7 thousand islands, and the government is calling tourists to visit the other islands, in an effort to reduce the number of tourists on the island of Boracay in an effort to enable the recovery of a potential ecological disaster..