The new airport in Istanbul it’s going to be built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters north of Istanbul, and around 35 kilometers from the city center. There will be four phases of building, and the first phase was opened today on the day of the Turkish Republic, the airport will have 3 landing strips and the terminal capacity for around 90 million passengers.

After the conclusion of all the phases the new airport will have 6 landing strips, and the passengers will fly to over 300 known destinations, it will have capacity for around 500 planes that will be able to land and fly off, there will also be an open and a closed parking the combined capacity will be around 70 thousand vehicles. It is estimated that the yearly capacity will be around 200 million passangers, which will make it the busiest airport in the world. The other phases will be finished by the year 2023., the busiest airport in the world currently is the one in Atlanta with the capacity of 104 million passangers on a yearly basis.

The new airport in Istanbul will also be connected by train that will lead to the city center, and it’s still under construction, the contracts are signed with licensed taxi companies which will respect all the standards in providing a excellent service.

The control tower, was inspired by the tulip flower that has been the symbol of Istanbul for centuries, and it’s a major referent in Turkish-Islamic history. It is expected that there will be around 200 planes both landing and taking off on a daily basis, and around 250 air carriers will offer their services

And with that the current airport Ataturk is going to be history, as all the flights will be done over the new airport.

The president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during the opening ceremony that the name of the new airport will officially be „Istanbul airport“

The first trip from the new airport will be on the 31st of October towards the capital Ankara, and the first international flight will be also on the 31st of October torwards Northern Cyprus, while the flight for Baku in Azerbaijan will be on the 8th of November.