Porto in 2 days / PORTUGAL

Today I’m bringing you a story from Porto, Portugal. Have you ever been there?!

It was one of my totally unplanned trips and the last-minute one. One of my friends said do you want to go to Porto in 3 days? We should go, it’s close to us (that was during my stay in Spain). In that time I was from Porto only 4 hours by car, so why not.

What I recommend you and what should you visit there, read below. ūüôā


Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal after Lisbon and one of the major urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is the second-largest city in Portugal after Lisbon and one of the major urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

Located along the¬†Douro river estuary¬†in Northern Portugal, Porto is one of the oldest¬†European¬†centres, and its historical core was proclaimed a¬†World Heritage Site¬†by¬†UNESCO¬†in 1996. The western part of its urban area extends to the coastline of the¬†Atlantic Ocean. Its settlement dates back many centuries, when it was an outpost of the¬†Roman Empire. Its combined¬†Celtic-Latin¬†name,¬†Portus Cale,¬†has been referred to as the origin of the name “Portugal”, based on transliteration and oral evolution from Latin. In Portuguese, the name of the city is spelled with a¬†definite article¬†o Porto; Consequently, its English name evolved from a misinterpretation of the oral pronunciation and referred to as¬†Oporto¬†in modern literature and by many speakers.


One of Portugal’s internationally famous exports,¬†port wine, is named after Porto, since the metropolitan area and in particular the¬†cellars¬†of¬†Vila Nova de Gaia, were responsible for the packaging, transport and export of the fortified wine.¬†In 2014 and 2017, Porto was elected¬†The Best European Destinationby the Best European Destinations Agency.¬†Porto is on¬†the Portuguese Way¬†path of the Camino de Santiago.


What is must in Porto? Here are my recommendations and what you shouldn’t miss while you’re there – I hope that you won’t miss it.

  • Dom Lu√≠s I Bridge



  • S√£o Bento railway station


  • Livraria Lello


  • Porto Cathedral


  • Jardins do Pal√°cio de Cristal


  • Cais da Ribeira


  • Vila Nova de Gaia

20180714_172924 - Copy37625725_501169476982804_6055392751892037632_n - Copy

  • Cl√©rigos Tower


Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city that is rapidly becoming one of Western Europe’s most respected tourist destinations. The city boasts an extensive history, interesting tourist sights, buzzing nightlife, also outstanding tourist facilities. There is a lot to see and do in Porto, and the city will appeal to a wide range of different visitors.

Why you should visit Porto?

Porto is ideally explored as a city break destination but is also a convenient base from which to explore northern Portugal. While Port wine remains Porto’s most famous export, life here is anything but aged. The city is truly vibrant, and visitors can be assured of great nightlife, daring restaurants and a blossoming cultural scene.

How long to stay in Porto?

Usually, it takes two full days of sightseeing to see Porto properly. This provides one day for Ribeira district and the historic centre, and a second day for Vila Nova de Gaia, the Port wine cellars and a short boat cruise. Porto is an ideal destination as a city break, with varied sights and activities to easily fill a weekend away.

In my opinion, only one day is not enough time to visit Porto and to feel its full beauty.

Language is not an issue!

English is also widely spoken by those who work within the tourist industry. Tourists with only English language skills will not experience any language barriers. All transport hubs, including railway stations, metro and airports also have full English translations and signpost. When dining out, most restaurants and cafe in Porto have English menus and if not, waiters are always happy to translate.



What to eat in Porto?

Always when I travel abroad, I have a habit to try local food, for me there is nothing better. Are you doing the same? I hope you do, because some things are soooo delicious!

  1. Breakfast – start with a strong one so you can walk a lot around the city – you can prepare it at home just like we did


2. Francesinha Рthe dish comprises of two slices of bread interspersed by steak, ham, sausage and chorizo, covered in melted Edam and drizzled in a secret, spicy, tomato based sauce, all served with chips and optionally crowned with a fried egg


3.¬†Bacalhau – Codfish, or bacalhau in Portuguese, is more than simply a traditional dish, it is a national obsession. The dish even has its own nickname, ‚Äúthe faithful friend‚ÄĚ, and is traditionally consumed on Christmas Eve in Portugal. It’s served with vegetables and chips


4.¬†Pastel de nata – originally Portuguese egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon and one chocolate cake for my soul ūüėõ


Porto is one of my favorites cities so far. For me it just has something, it has the soul.

To fall in love with some city or country happened to me for the first time in my life with Malta and now it happened the same with Portugal. I just didn’t want to leave it!

Do you have any cities like that? Share your story with me! ūüėČ

See you soon in some new adventures! ūüėÄ


4 thoughts on “Porto in 2 days / PORTUGAL

  1. Without borders says:

    Nope, I haven‚Äôt been there yet but a friend of mine has recommended it to me. The pictures are so lovely and the food looks yummy! thanks for sharing ūüėÄ

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