Mass tourism destroyed also the Similan archipelago

Due to the ecological problems, that have been caused by mass tourism, the government of Thailand has prohibited overnight stay on the Similan islands. The ban only excludes licensed scuba diving companies.

From the 1st of January, the number of daily visits will be limited to 3325, and ships with capacity over 100 visitors will be banned.

50 Nautical miles north-west of Phuket this beautiful archipelago is located in the protected Mu Koh national park, and the daily intake of tourist exceeds 5.000 tourists daily, who enjoy the beaches, and the lively coral reefs.

During the last few years this archipelago has become the victim of its own popularity, and the once untouched sea life has started to show signs of degradation

Thailand government is fighting to return the degraded ecosystem to its former glory, and so the Maya Bay beach is closed indefinitely , when the Maya Bay beach opens again, the government will impose daily quotas of only allowing 2000 visitors to the island, with other measurements hat are needed in order to preserve the eco system.


10 thoughts on “Mass tourism destroyed also the Similan archipelago

  1. shreyasaha1987 says:

    This is so depressing. I got similar news about the Boracay island in Philippines and Maya Bay in Thailand. And I had no idea about the Similan islands. I live here, but have not visited Surin and Similan yet. I feel it is good that the planet needs recovery and it is a good decision to keep these places off humans.

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  2. Medha says:

    Oh no, thatโ€™s a pity! I heard they had banned Maya Bay recently but I didnโ€™t know about Similan Islands. The news follows Boracay which was shut 6 months back and has apparently been reopened now after cleaning up. Such a pity that lovely untouched places are getting spoiled due to mass tourism! I wish we would be more careful and conscious of our environment as travellers.

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  3. Nicole Hunter says:

    I love travelling to untouched places in the world and then writing about what I discover. But, I am always cognizant that by simply writing about it and telling everyone how wonderful it is, I am indirectly destroying it. It is such an interesting balance between wanting to see everything and respecting nature and local culture. I am glad the Thai government has taken this step to ban tourists for awhile and I hope other governments follow suit to protect everything for everyone.

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    1. Travel Optician says:

      Yes, that is also true, but there is just something inside you stronger with you and you want to share your experience with world, that part of our humanity is normal I think. But definitely we should take a step back and do it little bit slower and protect nature more ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Jojo says:

    It’s so sad what it has come down to. A part of me want to preserve the natural beauty and the other part is sad I won’t get to see all these places if they keep getting destroyed to shut down.

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