What many travelers are worried about is that they will come up with something at the last moment and will not be able to fly on the planned flight – it might soon become a thing of the past for at least Air France passengers.
Namely, the French company is planning to launch a new platform, which will allow passengers to sell a ticket bought in their name to another person. Although it has not officially noticed the light of the day, the FlexFly platform will soon be of great help to its passengers. The platform will enable the offer of the already purchased online card, and if someone decides on its purchase, the seller will get half-people back. Also, it is important to note that the ticket must be purchased directly from Air France, and the brokers are out of the question.


Given that the situation for sellers is not ideal, they get 50% back, the other 50% share Air France and Flex Fly, after which the card will be able to offer at a more affordable price. This is, on the other hand, good news for travelers who are preparing somewhere at the last-minute, because, as things stand, at the last time they will be able to get a ticket at half price.
The current situation is that if you give up flight, you lose all the money you spent on the map, so this idea is a step ahead, although there are already airline companies whose tickets can be resold.


In any case, we believe that this will become a practice with other carriers, and you will be able to return at least some of the money that you gave for a card one day, even after giving up on the flight.