Italy has stopped the implementation of new rules for the carriage of handbags by Ryanair and WizzAir due to passenger fraud, reports Reuters.


The Italian antimonopoly agency has blocked the implementation of new rules for the carriage of luggage that Ryanair was supposed to apply from 1 November, with the explanation of misleading passengers.
“The requirement to pay the basic elements of passenger transport that should be included in the price of tickets is further misleading towards passengers and impair air traffic competitiveness,” the Italian Antimonopoly Agency said in a statement.
We recall, new rules for hand luggage introduced low-cost airline Ryanair and Wizz Aircoms enabled passengers to enter only a small piece of luggage in the cabin that can be placed under the seat in front. This is roughly a backpack, a bag or a small laptop bag, while all other hand luggage must be handed over to check or extra paid so that it can be entered into the passenger compartment.
As a temporary measure, the Agency banned the application of these new rules, which were due to enter into force on November 1, 2018.
Ryanair, of course, denied that the new rules for hand luggage deceive passengers, justifying that the rules are simpler and better. They pointed out that these rules bring savings to the company because, allegedly, they are preventing delays due to chaos when boarding and the large amount of passengers’ luggage. They appealed the decision of the Agency.
The situation in the field is not supported by the above. Namely, as early as the first day of applying the new rules it turned out that it caused huge chaos instead of diminishing it. Thus, at the English airports from which Ryanair flights were made, they had to open counters earlier, as well as employ additional workers in order to cope with the enormous problems of passengers arising from the need for an extra charge of hand luggage.

The Aviatica portal says the most drastic example took place in London at Stansted airport when a passenger with special needs missed her flight with the guilt of Rynair airport officials. The workers asked her to check for hand baggage while she had purchased a Priority service, which allows the entry of hand luggage in the cabin. After that, the workers asked her to wait until she checked with the supervisors and after 20 minutes she allowed her to board the luggage. As the passenger reached the gates, the boarding was completed and was not allowed to enter the plane. None of the company’s employees wanted to help her, and she had to buy a new ticket for just two days.