BANGKOK, London and Paris are the most visited destinations in the world in 2017 by the number of international visitors, according to the results of the annual Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index.

As cited in the analysis of the 162 most visited world cities, positive economic trends have also influenced the rise of international travel.

Thus, the list of 10 most visited destinations in 2017 shows a growth in the number of visitors in almost all major destinations, with the exception of Seoul.

More than 20 million tourists spent a night in Bangkok

With a little more than 20 million international visitors who spent the night in front of Bangkok, while the number of those who stayed in London was only slightly smaller, 19.8 million. Paris has recorded 17.4 million tourists, which puts it in third place.

The forecast for this year suggests a continuation of the positive trend in all ten destinations, with Istanbul expecting the largest number of visitors to grow, almost 20 percent, is estimated in the analysis.

Given the forecast growth of 9.6 percent of visitors, Bangkok’s main Thai city will most likely retain its leading position. It is also reported that tourists in this city tend to stay 4.7 nights and spend US $ 173 a day on average.

The most money is spent in Dubai

Visitors spend the most on average daily in Dubai, $ 537, while Istanbul’s lowest daily consumption of Istanbul’s most visited cities is $ 108.

Dubai is the largest total spending in 2017, $ 29.7 billion, with $ 18.4 billion in second place in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. With a total of $ 17.4 billion in total tourist spending in 2017, London ranked third.

Executive Vice President for Innovative Urban Development Solutions in Mastercard, Miguel Gamino Jr., points out that international travel is key to the economy of many cities.

“We closely collaborate with cities around the world to ensure technology development and have a positive impact on attracting tourists while preserving the original spirit of cities that makes them special,” says Gamino.