3 Golden Tips: What to do when you miss a flight?

Apart from the beautiful memories of travel, many travelers have experienced those unpleasant ones. The moment you realize that you miss a flight is a situation that every walker wants to avoid.

There are numerous circumstances that you simply can not influence, but when the worst happens – do not despair. We bring you three golden tips to make your drama a pleasant adventure.

1. Tailored drum rule


There are many ways to get out of the embarrassing situation and reduce the damage. First of all, go to the airport and look for the representative of the airline you fly. You have to know that there is a great chance that there will be additional flights for your destination on that same day or even for a city close to your final destination. Believe us, you do not want to miss the flight either. Without paying any additional taxi, there is a great opportunity to accommodate you on one of these flights, given the unofficial policy of many airline passengers called flat ti rule. This is the rule of “drilled tires” that preserves the rights of passengers who missed a flight due to circumstances they could not influence. It is extremely important to come to the airport, despite the stress experience, because leakage of the flight may not cost you anything.

Although this business policy is most often not valid for low-budget companies, we encourage you to test the application of this policy. The only decision to help a passenger in this situation depends on the person who represents the airline at the exit (gate) and, of course, the number of vacant seats on the following flights.

Although the representatives are accustomed and trained to work with dissatisfied, nervous and crazy tourists, it is important that you remain receptive and control your emotions as it will at this time show your human side and help you as much as you can. Kindness and calmness are more effective than threats. Let’s be realistic, they are not guilty of your problem anyway.

After a conversation and carrying out the necessary paperwork, make copies of all documents and rules of the airline company, write down all of the information you received, as in case of a later complaint the above mentioned information will be provided.

2. Take a break

After you miss the flight, you will surely be under great stress that will physically exhaust you.


When you take a new flight, take time to recover. If you are a user of the Diner Club Croatia Airlines card, you can also enjoy the Diners Club Airport Lounge, which will benefit you in such situations.

When you are already where you are, take advantage of all the benefits of the card and enjoy the Diners Club Airport Lounge where you can eat, drink coffee, juice, beer, wine, whiskey or whatever you want. In addition, you have free Wi-Fi for worry-free surfing or reporting to your loved ones, booking the hotel if you need it, but you can also rest on comfortable seating until the next flight. Although leakage of the flight creates additional costs, you will not spend your money here if you are a member of the Diners Club – for all salon services you are free, you just need to show Diners Club card at entry.

3. Duty Free Shopping

You would not believe what an empire is hiding at airports, and with what reductions! Duty-free shopping is by itself attractive because you are buying products at lower prices up to 20% compared to prices in, for example, city perfumeries.


Treat yourself to the cheapest prices of your favorite fragrance, favorite cream or dessert to forget the stress of a missed flight.

With the Diners Club Croatia Airlines card you just buy at sales points bring you reward miles. In addition to buying air tickets, you can also pick up prize miles for daily consumption – from bread and milk to buy at duty free shops, hotel accommodation or a meal at your favorite restaurant. By winning the prize draws with the Diners Club Croatia Airlines card, you are participating in the Miles & More award program and you receive numerous awards – from awards, accommodation to hotels or rent-a-car, to interesting gifts from numerous partners of this program.

Maybe it’s not so bad to miss a flight, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “3 Golden Tips: What to do when you miss a flight?

  1. Eric Gamble says:

    Great tips on what to do when you miss a flight. Although its not a common thing, I have missed several flights because I have not read my time correctly (ie: I have showed up at 7pm for a flight that left that morning at 7am!) So, I definitely agree with you to talk to the airline people in person. I find that in general, they really do want to help you as long as you are nice and courteous to them. They understand that people make mistakes and as long as you don’t lose your mind on them for something you messed up, they will try their best to help!
    Also, I love that you share that you should enjoy and decompress in the airport afterwards. Many airports these days have such a diverse and cool set up that there is bound to be something to enjoy! I personally Love exploring all the chocolate and Chinese food! So bad for me but yet so good and comforting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Travel Optician says:

      Ohhh I never had such a confusion with time, but I love to hear different stories too πŸ™‚

      Quite interesting, I can imagine how you felt in that moment….

      And yes, I’m also a big chocolate lover and I need some before every flight xD


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