Every year the capital of Thailand is about 2.5 centimeters so it is in a rather unusual position …

We’ve been listening to the dangers of climate change for a long time. Scientists have been talking about global warming for a long time, rising sea levels and melting glaciers, but it is still difficult to imagine what impact these things have on our daily lives.

Somehow the most terrible sounds are the danger of raising sea levels, as it leads to a slight sinking of cities, and no continent has been spared. Dr. Katherine Kramer, who deals with this issue, has pointed out some cities that are threatening to sink in the latest scenario, so let’s move on …


The capital of Indonesia has the “honor” to be the fastest city of the planet. 40 percent of the surface is currently below the sea level, and the city descends each year for incredible 25 centimeters. Direct cause of this disastrous infrastructure and water supply network, and the situation when it rains is literally desperate.


Unlike the Indonesian capital, London can not regret the poor infrastructure. It is simply the consequences of the last ice age. According to Dr. Kramer, the sunken London is threatened by a glacier that had pressed Scotland 11,000 years ago.

Since the glaciers have dwindled since then, Scotland has grown by one centimeter per year, while the UK is in the sea. Although London made barriers to protect the city from floods, it was considered that they would need them three times a year. Currently, they are used six or seven times in 12 months, which for London is definitely not good new.


The capital of Bangladesh is “lower” by 1.3 centimeters each year. Although not close to the threat of Jakarta, sea level levels in the Bengal Bay are growing 10 times faster than the world average. Millions of people have already fled from the city’s shores, and the situation is worsening and moving the tectonic plates. In order to solve problems, it is about improving infrastructure, but it is difficult to help one of the poorer metropolises in the world.


Every year the capital of Thailand is about 2.5 centimeters so it is in a rather unmanageable position. It is anticipated that in 2030 it will be a bitter problem, unless in the meantime some radical measures are taken. Bangkok is not troubled by problems such as Jakarta and Dhaka, but the tall skyscrapers they have built – caused the situation to collapse itself. The situation was serious, that even from the National Reform Board proposed the construction of a large “sea” wall.


The city that burned Katrina a few years ago – really has no luck. Namely, according to a study by NASA in 2016, water levels will rise up to 2040, rising to incredible 37 centimeters. The maps show that some parts of the city are already up to 5 centimeters per year, mostly in areas around the Mississippi River and industrial parts Norco and Michoud. The danger, then, is already enormous, and recently the US government has allocated $ 48 million to relocate a part of the population and to take care of them.