Bakery Tartitis / Santiago de Compostela / SPAIN

Walking around Santiago de Compostela can be fun sometimes – if you know the city or if you simply want to get lost.

It has an amazing bakeries and a lot of things that you need to try in that part of the Spain. Anything that you choose you can’t make a mistake – believe me.

One of the places that I’m talking about is definitely – Tartitis.



They serve really nice homemade cakes! Flavors change every day, from red velvet cake, cheesecakes and kinder bueno cake to cupcakes and cookies.

Milkshakes are really good too, order the oreo one!

They also offer toasts with Nutella or jam and butter.

Prices are really great. Breakfast with cake, coffee and juice for 4€

So, see you there?!

Come in and take a sit, the place is super cozy and cute and the staff is great! πŸ˜€

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