Rakotzbrücke is located in a German park which, due to its beauty and many plant species, protected UNESCO …


Rakotzbrücke or the Devil Bridge in the east of Germany was built to see the full circle thanks to the reflections in the water. The name owes superstition from the past because bridges that seem to resist the gravity believe that only demon can be built. According to local tales, such bridges also came into being as an alliance with supernatural creatures who in turn would seek the soul or child of the one who decides to build.

Rakotzbrücke is made of stone that came from remote quarries in the German mountains, so one of the interesting things is that local materials were not used.

The bridge in Kromla is a favorite motif for all photographers walking in the park, but walking is prohibited in order to preserve it. Apart from the bridge itself, it is worth to see the rest of the park. Due to its beautiful nature and numerous plant species it was protected by UNESCO.

Those who have seen the bridge say that it is best to visit the moat when, due to the combination of colorful leaves and clouds rising above the water, it is overwhelming. Observation of the bridge is permitted, but the crossing is strictly forbidden; since last year it’s in recovering process.