It’s maybe late …. Or early. Depending on how it is taken. It’s seven o’clock in the morning, and I’m trying to figure out a couple of sentences to get you started in this story. As far as I’m concerned, this time I’m going to some interesting story, with a new hand or a trip accident. There is one situation with Malta, which is more and more often surrounded by me, to be more precise – people. Not the situation, they create it how they want.
When I was leaving, they told me what I would do. I do not know anyone, I made a deal with several e-mails. What is the guarantee for you? That’s “safe”. There was no guarantee. Not for security. Absolutely nothing. Not even for a flat. We found it through a Facebook group. There are three of us. I kept it all around. That was my main argument. Although I did not know for myself what I was going to do. But I knew one thing. Let me go. It’s easier to come back than to try.
That’s what I take. On trips. In life. General.1

I fond all interesting things that I want to see there, I just missed the will. Actually, I did not. There was a lot of it. Some countries you do not know well enough and you simply can not assess whether it is safe to walk the city by yourself, especially when someone wants to talk to you. That we would not have known, or with the beginning of the story, worse – we told you.
Since you never know what a team is going to be. Because you’re going to the unknown. You know the people you are going with and that’s it. I would say, at least something. We have shared the apartment with two more flatmates. Two Spaniards. I was scared a little bit, to be honest. I knew them only through a couple of messages via Facebook. And I hoped for the best. Heart of the season is, no apartments. Hotels and hostels do not accept for longer than 3 weeks and after the expiration they do not want to extend their stay. So the apartment. Not that we have too many options. We take it. The adventure of life begins. You just hope that the team is not the one who will sit all day beside the pool with beer in your hand. The team was great, even the poolside days are not bad sometimes. It’s even better to explore the island together. Certainly a chance to learn some new language, customs and new culture. So on the end Croatian, English, Italian and Spanish were spoken in the apartment.


The team was in the end good. Business is even better. Maybe I said it already. Or I did not. But when I talk about Malta, I have only words of praise. Some did not sit down. At first. Not at all. To me. Immediately. At first. There was no need to give you a few chances. There was no moment of reckoning to pack all and return to Croatia. However, it has been quite the opposite. And today, I have the desire to go back there. Because its beautiful there.


At Malta you meet all kinds of people. Of those who were there just to have fun, those who came to earn or those who were thrown there to start something in their lives, and in fact are one of those people – I sit and wait to die. I met both types.
With one of these I clicked right away, we ran almost the entire island together. Someone with whom it is extremely easy to negotiate and even easier to plan. If it does not go with the plan, it’s changing, not like a strawberry bullet that we have to have it today. There are days. I like that kind of people. But you know the other ones, less dear to me. I sit and wait to die – literally. Where the distance is not to another city to coffee, not to talk about a trip – God save! Because the main sentence is “not for me”! But nothing. For her, nothing. In her head. Not mine.

During my stay an Italian woman gave me a notebook. And the first one entered. She told me, on travels you will meet many people, those who care for you and the ones you want them to go further, you want them not even found on your way. And it was always so.
Anyway, ever since I travel, a notebook is present. I only give it to special people. To those who touch my heart or change my life in some way. I gave this one to the one who is sitting and waiting to die. After he finally agreed to a trip with us. She wrote to her that her honor was a part of my story and that I helped her out of her home as a snail, so it was not easy to make that step – often.

What a luck! She really made me feel that day really. Because I know it’s a big step for her and I hope she will not stop there. I sincerely hope! That this is just her beginning!
But, there is always a future trip, who knows what’s there us, I hope the less “not for me” people!


Do you have some similar situations or people when you travel?

I want to hear your experience! 🙂