The first time I became aware that a passenger, the call I want to follow, begins now in 2013.

Why do you give it away? It took me a long way to get into this colorful travel world I do not know out there yet, but to be honest – I do not want to. It’s wonderful how it is.
It was the time of advent, Christmas. Everyone is talking about traveling to another country during advent. You hear the story of how boring the home is, now the team goes out.
That is how my friend got the idea, I take the lead and somewhere, it’s time to get out-of-bounds, it will be easier to break the ice pack. Somehow I was not sure of the fact, but I said yes after a few minutes.


At the same time, I have a dose of fear of abandoning the comfort zone. Then. Not hesitating when I leave once. That I would not want her back. Then. Not even today. She has not returned yet. Not to the extent it keeps me long enough.

So let’s move on.

Get dressed.

Wheels up!


How did it all go ?!


In front of us it was a 3 day tour. The plan was to visit Vienna, then head for Bratislava and through Hungary back to Croatia.

Vienna and Bratislava were the perfect combination, as the two major cities in Europe are close to just under 70 km from each other.

After arriving in Vienna, we had a whole day of sightseeing. Then we go to Bratislava where we spend the night, do short shopping in Hungary and travel home. Although nothing significant has happened on the trip to have a lifelong tale.


At that time, my struggle with student affairs lasted, the times were far worse than those of today. Today they are also not overly well, but they are still.

Then gather for such a journey it was necessary to prepare at least 2 to 3 months in advance. But when you want anything is possible. That’s what they say. That’s what I say. Sign. From the first to the last word.

Then I did. And now I would each time.


The trip continued in 2014 at the beginning of the March, coming to Venice. The time of the masks and when the streets are full of colorful masks, and even more tourists trying to catch the better picture of the same.
Here I started to understand the difference somewhere. The difference is very important and important when you are older.
Are you a traveler or tourist?
Some look you strangely – as if there are differences?

Yes,a BIG one.
You are a tourist only when you come to be, take photos, seen and gone.
The traveler is a bit bigger, stronger definition, the person, the journey itself, what I think I personally am. That is why I continue to be more difficult, to be maintained, not to fall into the hands of the first tourist.
The traveler is a much better option when you meet locals, socialize with them, explore the place that you are at the moment and accept everything that you offer. Some new dimension to yourself.

I still have friends who are afraid to move the boundaries to travel “solo” without an agency, without a person who has everything ready for them.
I’ve been able to show to some people who it’s not all beauty in that and that much more can be done. Much more.
Some are still where they are waiting for others, they will probably stay. Their choice.
Everyone has a choice. Be a traveler. Or be a tourist.


Ohh God it was a story for a lifetime. It will always be. Mine. How it all begin. How I went to the big world. So small and so significant. The one that marked my life, pushed me out of that comfort zone and gave me wings to move on.
So I knew it was not the end.
Definitely the story goes on.

Still. 😀