We are still in Malta, time is more than perfect – about 40 degrees. Some people would say too much? For me it can not be better!
This time, we move the boundaries, but their own. I think that today, most of us young people have their own “bucket list”. Or list the things we want to do before we die. Today, these lists contain literally everything, so there’s a list of travel, education, adrenaline sports and everything that comes to your mind. So I have my own, it currently have 155 items, only 33 are filled. I have more time. I guess. Time is a very relative term today.

My bucket list you can check – HERE.


One of the things that were on my list was swimming with sharks and scuba diving. Malta seemed a perfect opportunity, in the end it turned out to be both.
Let’s go some way. Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea – my classical sentence by which I start my every travel lecture when I talk about my life in Malta. If you have not been to any of my lectures, I hope to see you at the next one.
So let’s move on.
This state consists of several islands and islands, three of which are inhabited. The largest island is Malta, where most of the country’s population lives. This country, where less than half a million inhabitants live, is, with regard to the surface, one of the most heavily populated countries in the world. Malta weeps that the open-air museum is almost entirely under the protection of UNESCO.
The rest is easy to find. The questions I often get are why Malta?
Well, it’s easy:

  •  Education
  •  Curiosity
  • Introduction

Under education I consider any form, yet the most important one is where one man upgrades himself daily. Curiosity – How to give it a true definition. If you remember how I was talking about the girl who always looked for something out of the corner and explored more. That’s me. I was always interested in what a state is different from my country. Let’s say I covered those reasons. I do not need much explanation to get acquainted, it comes alongside the curiosity itself.
The curiosity to cross a thing or two from my list is constantly present – 24/7. On Malta came a chance for two.
1. Swimming with sharks
2. Scuba diving
Although scuba diving was still the original idea, swimming with sharks was only in the package. Malta as an island in the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect opportunity to do so. Though you swim on the beach everyday or jumping of a cliff, you do not look at what’s under you. Tip Number One – Gold Worth It – Don’t look.
Of course, if the sharks are too close to the swimmers and the shore, the ban on bathing in that part of the island is effective. Yet they are not so crazy that they put you in danger.
But to come back. We decided to take scuba diving. We have chosen the PADI agency, which is one of the best known in the world for all types of scuba diving. After we had a certain education, got all the instructions, we were ready to go.


At total we were 6 and are accompanied by two instructors. We know how to react if something goes wrong, we know danger signals or call for help. It is advisable that we are all here somewhere within the circle where we see each other. The reason is pretty simple. When we dive we look in the eye with octopus, fish, various sea creatures and the most horrible ones – sharks. Although they were small and instructed them, they were not nice enough to feed them, the very fact that swimming along with them was more than enough.
If you are asking me to repeat something like this, to look at the shark in the eye, think twice. Then I did not seem to have any fun.
There are things in your life you try once to fill your desire and cover them forever. I think this is one of them. At least for now. In the future. Who knows.


Do you have any similar experience?

Share it with me, I want to hear it 😉