Now, literally, the whole world is in the palm of our hand, and there is less and less barrier and boundary. Cheap air tickets have become a reality, even in Balkan countries 🙂 Almost there is no location you can not reach! Travel is more accessible to us than ever!

The question of the day is:

Have you ever created a trip to your extent, without the help of the agency ?!

If you are, it is likely that it is not exactly what your friend told you. But just clicking there, you look at the buck and get a 50% cheaper deal than the agency!

Sounds awesome, but when you get into the whole story, you realize that some things are not that simple!

Independent travel organization is my second name, literally. There is no travel trips that I have not organized by myself! Therefore, I want to open your eyes and show you what no one is! Planning an individual trip IS a challenge, but it can be overcome!

How does the organization of an individual trip look like ?!

  1. From around the world you have to choose the ideal destination for the period when you want to travel. You need to know what time is expected there. The last thing you want to wait for, for example, a sandy storm.
  2. Some things can not be foreseen, neither you, not the travel agency, not google, but you have to be prepared for everything that can happen to you! So you have to ask yourself if there are active volcanoes, armed conflicts, announced protests, choices and other misfortunes that can ruin your way! No, you can not just pack a suitcase and go with passports in your hand!
  3. VISA – not only must you be informed about the visa regime, but you must go to the embassy alone. Or you can find an agency that can do it for you. In addition to visa, you need to find out if you may not enter the country you are traveling with.
  4. Of course there are laws, culture and religion! Every country has different laws, so you can end up in jail for cigarettes on the street in some countries! Some things that are banal in other countries are taken seriously and you have to respect that!
  5. Although our people are everywhere, when you do not go to a group, you may not be able to hear your language for days, weeks. It can be relaxing, but it can also happen that you go to areas where people do not know the good foreign language you know. Then the help of a friend is good, but if you are all alone you can have a lot of problems in communication. For these situations, use the Google Translate app.
  6. PLANNING Takes DAYS, WEEKS sometimes even MONTHS! You must literally plan everything – destination, trips, money, transportation, transfer, accommodation, food, clothing, footwear, packing list.

In the end, all the time you are investing in planning will pay off when you reach your desired destination! But there is one thing that you need to be aware of – you can not find some things on!


Sometimes it is cheaper through the agency, because the agencies have excellent cooperation with hotels and apartments, but also with airlines and carriers.

When traveling through an agency, you always have someone to find you (a guide, a phone number that you can contact in case of an accident …)

When traveling individually before travel, contact the hotel (owner of the accommodation) and announce your arrival. Talk to them, ask them if they have any advice for you!

Find a local guide. Someone has to take you to the beach, market, temple … It’s easier when you make friends with locals!

Sunscreen and mosquito lice are generally always must have!

Sometimes it is better for you to travel by taxi, bus or train than rent a car. In some countries they drive crazy and vacation definitely can ruin your traffic jams!

Make sure you have all the documents before the trip!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS PAY INSURANCE! If you do not have insurance, you do not have any travel!

Yes, even in the 21st century, some things are not available and there simply are not. How bad can it affect you?

It would be a pity to come back from a country, and absolutely nothing you know about it! In your quest to plan a cheap and fantastic trip, you can forget why you went anywhere! Planning an individual trip then loses every meaning. Maybe you saved money, but you lost on the other side!

When you are exploring, do not hesitate to ask about the tourist organizations too. Learn something about the place and country you are going to. History, culture, heritage, people, religion, food … These are the things that are being driven – to find out and experience something new!

It does not travel to just say that you were there and there, but because of planning, traveling and new experiences!

If there is a place that you are visiting every year, ask yourself if you know the place at all? Do you know more than where good shopping is and what is the best beach ?!

I repeat again – do not travel for the destination but enjoy the whole journey as soon as you start planning!

And do not forget – if something goes wrong, adjust to the situation and do not shake yourself! You did not go in order to arrive as soon as possible to enrich your life with a new adventure!

Have a nice trip! 🙂