If you follow my travel adventures then you know for sure that I’m an expert for one – two or maximum three-day trips. This time it’s the same – nothing has changed (yet). Soon I will able to catch more days to travel full-time.

Above all. We’re going to Croatian town – Rovinj.


So, here it is! Beautiful Rovinj in Travel Optician’s hands this time! 🙂

Let’s take a walk around the city and let’s see what it has to offer.

According to many tourists Rovinj is one of the nicest town in Istria.  The old town is situated by the sea. On a hilly peninsula, with the tower of St. Euphemia Church marking its highest point. Rovinj is a heaven for taking pictures. It is considered one of the most photogenic places.


St. Euphemia church 

Try to climb at St. Euphemia’s Bell Tower it’s just amazing. When you’re on the top of the hill, look inside the church.

St. Euphemia’s steps have a reputation that precedes them: creaking, uneven, and sweat-inducing are a few words to describe them. There’s a photo of the steps posted on a billboard as soon as you enter the church so that you know what you’re getting into.

The view from the top of the hill is really stunning. And if you’re lucky like we was, you will have a nice company.



When I was talking about company, I was thinking on this guy! 🙂


Rovinj is one of those towns where you never feel bored. It has pedestrian streets full of art, plenty of galleries and amazing bars and restaurants. You have a feeling like Rovinj houses are rising from the sea.

For me Rovinj is definitely inspiring and has so much to offer. There is no point in that town where I didn’t take a photo (really – it’s not a joke).





You see – I told you so 🙂

Now, let’s back to Rovinj for a little bit.

My recommendation is to visit Rovinj in spring, early or late summer. The truth is, you won’t make a mistake if you go any other time, Rovinj is enough romantic and nice by itself anytime of the year. But the winters could be pretty rainy, cold and lacking any activity.  Summer is hot, crowded by many tourists and very busy, so I think you won’t have so much time to enjoy it full-time and had a decent represent of it how it really is.




Reasons why visit Rovinj

It’s really romantic city, on the first place. It’s charming and it makes you take a photos all over around and you don’t want to stop. The old part of the city has something – it has a soul for me. It’s a quite inspiring and it’s really calm. If you come in the right time. That’s why I recommended to come in specific periods of the year. I was at the beginning of May and I couldn’t enjoy more. I had a feeling like a had a whole town just for me, like it’s ready to straight a pose for pictures.

It has plenty of lovely restaurants, some of them offer also a stunning view near or on the beach close to the sea.





My favourite are old towns, so Rovinj was a perfect choice. We were walking around the whole day.

When you search for pictures of Rovinj, you will find one spot that is everywhere – Google, Instagram, Facebook.

So, on my way to Rovinj I promise to myself that I won’t go home and I won’t leave Rovinj until I find it and take a picture too. I’m sure you recognize it.

It’s this one:






When I found it I was so happy. The feeling was the same as one when you cross something on your bucket list – just amazing! 😀

Rovinj is a perfect city to get lost in it’s little streets. It’s a town with white stone buildings and colourful facades collide. Where rows of laundry are hung out to dry from windows, and where you can feel the influence of Venetian style (Rovinj was once part of the Venetian Empire).

Can you visit a Rovinj in a day? 

Is it really enough to visit Rovinj just for one day? My answer is – YES. You can see all main attractions in one day. The Old Town is small and it’s easy to reach everything on foot.

If you take another option, in my opinion then 2-3 days are enough. If you’re planning some longer trips around Istria, them Rovinj is a perfect base to discover everything else.


Before I say goodbye to Rovinj. I want to share some photos too with you guys for the end of this journey.








Have you been to Rovinj?

Did you like it?

Do you prefer one day trips or longer ones?