A native from Croatia, web designer named Nives under the name of Travel Optician was only 14 when she left home in a pursuit of a preparatory boarding school education, eventually settling in Zagreb, the capital where she completed her high school degree. Despite majoring in Optics, Nives soon discovered a passion for working in tourism, which eventually had led her on towards moving around the world. “A call for traveling…it never really resounded to me, until I was randomly taken by world. Where have you been all this time? You’re going to work a lot, is what they’ve told me.” Only few days later she moved first time abroad. The rest is a history…


Her first trip abroad was when she was only 2 years old with her parents to neighbours’ countries (Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Austria). First abroad adventure alone she started with 18 visiting Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. In that moment she knew that she doesn’t want to stop counting countries. Only 3 years later she is moving to Malta for 3 months. On her way back to Croatia she promised to herself that one year from that date she will be in Spain. And exactly, less than one year later, she moved to Spain – completely ALONE. She spends there one year living in two different towns. The list of all destinations where she has been – DESTINATIONS and her LIFE ABROAD.


Ever since, Nives spoke about her abroad life since 2017 about Malta and Spain around Croatia. She was the host in travel agency – STA Putovanja, library Slobostina and retirement home in Zagreb, the capital. Beside that she gave a speech for one public school in Velika Gorica, Croatia. After that she was the host in Croatian TV show named DOBAR DAN, HRVATSKA, also radio host for a show Nocenje s doruckom. Also, she gave an interview for magazine Svijet osiguranja and Zastita that were published in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Beside TV, radio, interviews and speeches, she is also a columnist for one Croatian site called PS Portal where you can read about her travel adventures in Croatian language. More about her PUBLICATIONS.


Her goal is to visit every country in the world and to share her experience with others. For more about her goals, check her BUCKET LIST.


During her travels she is collaborating with hotels, restaurants and other companies. More about her COLLABORATIONS.


Therefore, you can ask any questions you wish! 

Enjoy in this crazy travel ride with me! 🙂