Today we’re talking about food.

One of the best topics beside travel, right?! 😉

We tried out one of the best burgers in Zagreb, we went to Boys Burger Bar.



It’s located at eastern part of Zagreb.

Exact location: Avenija Dubrava 35.


Retro decoration inspired by American snack bars

Their ambient is totally in American style. That was one of the reasons why we wanted to go. To feel a little bit of America at our home.

Exactly American style is what makes the difference.

The restaurant extends to two hundred square meters and there are plenty of seating. The entire space is divided into separee with armchairs in red and white stripes, and the walls are decorated with pin-up illustrations.

The idea if the concept and decorating space is the work of the owner – the Cokalic family, and their ispiration for the restaurant were their children.

What was most interested in was the supply of food, especially the hamburgers that were somehow the main stairs of their menu.

About Boys Burger Bar

For sure they deserved to hold a name one of the best burgers in the town.

The Boys Burger Bar has a lot to offer for “big boys”. But they were also thinking on ladies – they will find their place there too!


From breakfast, lunch and dinner there are offered tasty sandwiches with attractive names like Mustang, Hummer, Lincon – so everyone, but really everyone can choose a “horse” for a gastronomic race.

Furthermore, there are also irresistible burgers, salads, tortillas and much more for kids..


Rich menu, big hamburgers

The menu is exceptionally rich, except classic American hamburgers, where you can eat everything from pizza and sandwiches, tortillas and salads to fish dishes on Fridays.

However, we decided on hamburgers, so we tried their BBBB Burger and Bacon Burger. What surprised us was the size of the portions, especially their BBBB Burger, for which 45 kuna should be allocated.

Although this is a fair price for an ordinary burger don’t worry, BBBB Burger is not plain. It’s about a tristogram of big sauerkraut with lots of sauces and it could be a good meal for two.

Their whole menu you can find – here.



We had an amazing time there.

So, I would like to share with you our thoughts before you jump in your shoes and leave in their way.


I’m sure I’ll come back as soon as I’m in their neighbourhood again!

You should stop by too!

So, see you there?! 😉