I have been asked to make a collaboration with a brand, and it was a Croatian Perfume House.

Are you a perfume fan? When we talk about perfumes, am a bit skeptical, to be honest, because I have few that I like the most and with who am stuck to. Which one if your favorite one? Share it with me, I want to know 😉

Today I’m representing you a Croatian Perfume House and their body mists.

I receive form them 4 body mists and each week I was trying different one. What did I get? Let’s see 🙂

One of my choices fell on Body Mist – Belle Ame from EAU DE LA VIE. This body mist will refresh both your soul and body. Its smell is clean and fresh like you just came out of a relaxing shower. So light and yet smelling enough to apply it all day long.

Top notes; lemon, bell, apple, cedar
Medium notes; jasmine, bamboo, white rose
Base note; amber, white musk, cedar

For a second week is there a better way to welcome those beach days than with a few of these new fragrances from Croatian perfume house – Chèrie 🙂

This scent is so sweet that it is almost impossible to resist it. At the same time it is very feminine and warm, so it is soothing and refined.

Top notes: strawberry, red oranges, green apple, fruity mix
Medium notes: violet, red rose, iris
Base note: vanilla, pods, amber, sandalwood

Ready for new one? 😉

Fierce like a kiss this body mist excites all the senses. It is both gentle and powerful and the perfect combination of ingredients that will have a real effect at any time of the day or night – Bisou.

Top notes: Asian cherry, white freesia, peony
Middle notes: dwarf, rose, magnolia
Base notes: cedar, amber

I hope you’re not tired and that you’re already thinking about ordering your new perfume, because I have one more in my hands for you 😉

What’s the beauty? Well in detail. Highlight your seductive scent of Ma beaute. Because of its fragrant notes, it is cute and seductive, penetrating and intrusive, but only as much as it needs.

Top notes: coconut, plum, peach

Middle notes: rose, jasmine, tuberose, gingerbread, cinnamon, rosewood

Base note: almond, vanilla, musk, sandalwood

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Where you can order these beauties? Here – link.


I was most in love with Ma beaute, but I enjoyed trying all of them in general. Like I managed to find my favorite one and something for myself, I’m sure you’ll find something for you too. Can’t wait to hear which one you like the most, let me know the feedback.

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