Something different today – again, something above usual. We’re going on a round trip around Croatia. With story we’re going to ECO village Gradunje.


This guest post gave me my best friend. She spent here day there and how it was – read in a new blog post 😉


Eko Gradunje is situated at an altitude of 400 m and you will easily see the slopes of Medvednica, Donje Oresje and Sv. Ivana Zelina. Many churches and chapels, witnesses of historical and cultural heritage, are scattered in the greenery.


We went there by car and from the capital town in Croatia – Zagreb it’s only 45 min drive. Unfortunately, there is no connection with a public transport, so you need to rent a car or have your own one, another possibility is to go by taxi. They also provide a free parking space! 🙂

It’s ideal to escape for a day and take a lunch in nature, if you need a break from your life – there is no better choice, you won’t regret it – I promise. And when you’re in Croatia, it’s a perfect place to take one day trip.

ECO Gradunje offers a wide range of activities for active holidays, so if you are exhausted and nervous about the overwhelming job you should certainly treat yourself to the day out in the nature!


The next picturesque tradition of the wine-growing region of ECO Gradunje strives for tourists and visitors to experience the former life of the village of Paror through authentic wooden houses, healthy ecological food and other foods. Don’t wait, treat yourself to a one-day vacation in a rural atmosphere, away from the city crowds and crowds and get back to life today.

An active vacation in the beautiful landscape of rural idyll is spiced up with good food and homemade food and drinks!


They have really a rich choice of meals and there is something for everyone!

Their menu you can check here – ECO GRADUNJE – MENU.

Lunch for one person contains:

  • main course of choice
  • salad
  • soup
  • dessert


We started with beef soup, then we continue with main course. For the main course our choice was veal with potatoes and vegetables, also sausages with potatoes and vegetables and with that we get a mixed salad. For the dessert we had pancakes with caramel and ice cream.

But, the pictures can describe more that words, do you agree?!





Through the promenade to the old town, visitors can immerse themselves in the past of Zelingrad or visit the mountain lodge at Kladescica. The place is ideal for business lunches after which you can relax well. A playground is prepared for the children, and friendly hosts won’t be opposed if your pet comes even in a multi-day visit with you.


ECO village Gradunje is one of those places where you simply must go! 🙂

Be sure, when you travel around Croatia that it finds a place at your bucket list.

We will go back there, that’s for sure!


So, did you already put it on your bucket list?! 😉

I hope we’ll see you there soon, we’re going back definitely!

For more information’s about them, check here – ECO village Gradunje.



This ECO village is exceptionally clean and having a great service.

  • Service is great
  • Staff is one of the best I have ever met
  • Amazing food – prepared in front of you
  • Superb Location
  • Nice decor

I’m sure I’ll come back as soon as I’m in their neighbourhood again!


You should stop by too!

Until next time and some new adventures… 🙂