When I talk about my travels, most people catch up with Malta. To be honest, I’m up to her and I could talk about it forever. As I got there, the story is familiar to all those who accompany my travel adventures. I met Malta day by day, just as that. Malta apart from the beautiful beaches and a large amount of tourists, offers much more – terms for life. During the summer and it would be silly to talk about the situation over the winter, because I wasn’t there in that time. Maybe better. Maybe Malta would be disappointing then. who knows. As far as I’m concerned, let her stay this way.
In the summer in Malta is averaged around 35-40 degrees per day. What is not that terrible when you get used to every day. At least it’s an excuse for the beach every afternoon. Malta has a lot of rocky beaches and sand ones almost do not exist except the public ones that are crowded with people. If you do not prefer a crowd and you do not want to be one of the sardines, there are always hidden beaches that you can ask locals.
Maltese, in addition to their Maltese language, which is most similar to Arabic, speak English, which is also another official language. There is rarely one of the elderly populations who does not speak English, happened once in 3 months that we encountered such a person. But in such situations, you are ready to help and ask the first passerby to help you.


But let’s get back to the beach now. The summer has ended and I’m catched by nostalgia. The summer of Malta lasts until the end of October. Some even bathed through the November and early December. Depending on the year, but it is quite possible. Malta is home to one of the most popular beaches such as Golden Bay (Red Sand Beach), St. Peter’s Pool – the beach in the form of a pool literally.

There are some famous video clips on the same beach where a man jumps with his Jack Russell every summer at St. Peter’s Pool, became a world-famous attraction. We had the same opportunity to watch for our stay there.
I could list all the beaches they have, but I will keep this one on my favorite one. St. Peter’s Pool is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, although it gets a little harder to come. Buses run to a small village named Marsaxlokk. This tiny fishing village always features pictures of small blue boats combined with other colors.


On Sunday there is a fish market where it is possible to buy fish that they catch up in front of you and sell for cheaper prices than it is in stores and fish farms. That same fish was a question of where and how to save because we are at the other end of the island from our apartment. The decision was to grill it on the beach. It is otherwise prohibited in Malta at any time of day and on any beach. But it’s not on hidden beaches, is it? How our goal was St. Peter’s Pool’s decision was dropped that we would try there.

But another problem was how to get there. The bus does not drive there. One of the options is walking 2 hours which was off the option at the same time as it was suggested because it was midday and 40 degrees. The second and only option was a taxi, which costs 15-20 € per person in one direction – so it is not the option. Before that we were buying an ice cream and the lady who works there has heard our discussion proposing the third option, the local who is willing to bring with us at a double lower price but we have to wait outside the city center because of course they take the job to the taxi drivers and if they see it they call the police and he gets punishment. We decide for this option. We deal outside the city center. Us 7 in one car if we count the driver – 8. We ride around the road to see us taxi drivers, listen to Celine Dion whom the driver adores, until the end of our trip gets Celin name instead of Elio.


Upon arrival, we arrange the same way of transportation back, we continue to the famous beach and our vacation can begin.


It’s time for lunch and finding a hidden place on the beach where we can grill and not to get a punishment. After half an hour of walking we find the beach for ourselves.


There we spent the rest of the day there until the time to return to everyday life. Grilling in Malta is something that remembers, whether it is in the middle of the day on the hidden beaches or in the evening, with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


I shared with you my summer days in Malta. New summer is coming soon.

Soo…. where to next?! 😉