During my trip to Rome, Italy I was invited by the gelateria La Romana to stay with them and make a review of their service.

Hey there guys! I hope that you’re doing really great! 🙂

It’s time for a new post and this time it’s something different and new in the same time. This year I decided to spend a new year in capital of Rome, Italy. How it was? Really amazing, but about let’s leave that walk around the city for some other time, today we’re talking….guess – about FOOD!

I found this little cute Gelateria in Rome and I made a collaboration with them. So, I’m bringing you some fresh news from there!



La Romana gelato shop was born in the heart of the historic centre of Rimini in 1947, receiving the name of the founder’s daughter. A few years later Vito Zucchi, progenitor of the family, took over the enterprise. Thanks to his fervent creativity and the use of a few ingredients then available, he created a wide range of high-quality flavors which are still made in our stores today.

For this reason, we offer traditional flavors made exclusively with selected products, following the old recipes of the past.


They offer:

  • gelato
  • hot chocolate
  • yogurt
  • pastries
  • pancakes



During the mornings you can have a typical breakfast with yogurt and pancakes as well as hot chocolate. The gelateria is an intimate cozy atmosphere, very colorful and cute.



I love their cute ambient and their small factory. Why that? Because they make fresh ice-cream every single day from new fresh ingredients. Which I personally saw when I visited them. Every morning they got fresh fruit to make new ice-creams.

Also, they have a flavor of the month for ice-cream and the sweet of the month.




I tried EVERY but really ALL flavors of ice-creams that they have. Believe me it was so hard to decide which one I like the most. You just need to try it on your own and decide for yourself. You won’t regret.
After so many ice-creams I left some place for yogurt. Looks so amazing! And after that there was also some place left to try their amazing hot chocolate and pancakes. About the pancakes what I like the most is that you can choose everything on your own.


Except this gleateria being exceptionally clean and having great service, there is nothing that I would not recommend about it. I really have no objections on the gelateria it is amazing.


  • Service is great
  • Staff is one of the best I have ever met
  • Really clean 
  • Amazing food and drinks
  • Superb Location
  • Nice decor