For those who know me well, they know that losing to me is not the slightest problem. So it would not be OK to miss the same in Malta too. After the first lost in the island and the learning of some new things, it is time for new travels and for losing. Let’s start from scratch.

I go back to exploring the island alone. I visit a couple of surrounding towns, the main goal was the beach and the tower on which the island is on each end. The tower I see only on its map, around me on the horizon there is nowhere. But let’s go where we’re going. First of all, I’d be so glad I stopped by the bus station and came out two after. Logical. I end up in a beautifully landscaped garden although I’m not sure if I can go and visit the same place. After a few minutes I did not care where I was and decided to enjoy the moment. When I leave the property, I find the inscription that I have been walking all the time with the monastery. At least they have a nice garden if nothing else. It’s time to move on. I go back to the beach and abandoned tower. At least my map says I’m heading in that direction. But we’ll see where and how. I do not know how you work, but I still love classic old good old maps in my hands.


I do not like to follow Google Maps and other various applications, so I have a sense of research. On the map, at least I can round off the things I’ve visited and write phrases that my application does not allow. Now that you know my way, it’s time to admit that I lost again. This time I am at the middle of the fast road, the four lanes I need to pass because I’m on the wrong side, and the zebras nowhere. Of course, those basic, necessary things are never in such situations. Honestly, they run like madmen in Malta. And it’s not just a surprise to cross that, but there is not much choice right now. We’ll move on. There’s no point where I’m going, I just need to move, the map is stored in a bag. I have no idea where I am, no matter what. It answers my silence around me and moves somewhere. It takes two hours to walk from the road and still does not control what I’m looking for. The first station, I come across the Indian fig, which you have at every turn on the island. Also by cities, residents in the streets sell it, if you are not sufficiently resourceful to be yourself in the same place. Looks like this.




That was enough to make my decision to return to the darkness. Yet it is a weekend, and the Maltese do not drive something too cautious. Each weekend is at least one traffic accident with a deadly outcome. I’m back, after a further three hours of searching for a bus station, but that’s all part of the trip. If there were no such losses, some parts of the island would never have seen, and that’s what I’m here for.

There were other similar situations, also in the company of friends, we lost half a day asking for Victoria Lines or the Maltese Chinese Wall, there are also agencies that lead to the same attraction, but it turned out to be just a myth. Because we went through the whole island looking for them, we did not find them anywhere. Even the locals living there for years have not been able to explain how to get there. While others argue that the same exist. What is ultimately true, I’m not sure. I did not find Victoria Lines, maybe on another occasion I can find it and I will tell you a story about it.

If you were in Malta and found the same, please tell me. Even though they are on the map, I do not believe that the wall is so small that it is not noticeable and that half of the island has never heard of it. But what is there.

Instead, we lose again and end up in the middle of the bird’s reserve around the surrounding roads where our stay is not allowed. I would say that at this point we have more happiness than mind and we draw from the same inconspicuous. Remember such moments for a lifetime and at least have something to talk about when you have 70.


By some next loss on the island. I wave!