Today we are finding out how to save the money for travel. For advice and an opinion, I asked Lisa, she is an expert in it. Is there any better way? – I don’t think so! 🙂

For start, let me introduce the lady who gave us this guest post!


Lisa Silver is a blogger living in Colorado. She writes about ways to save money, make money, and work from home on her blog, Dandy Grow.  When she’s not blogging, she’s writing fiction and spending time with friends.

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I hope that you’re excited to find out how to save for traveling as much as I am. Because these days it’s hard to focused to save only for one thing. It’s hard not to go to the market and buy that damn chocolate that you maybe don’t need right now. We all act in that way sometimes and we all need help to organize ourselves.

Let’s hear Lisa’s advice and start providing it!

In my early twenties, I decided that I wanted to travel overseas. I was living in the U.S.A. and going to college, and a lot of my friends had already gone to Europe. I loved their stories and I wanted the same for myself.

Do you know what I did?




I just dreamed about it. I didn’t save up, I didn’t make plans, and I didn’t go. For years and years, I didn’t make traveling a priority. I just thought about it. And so, I never went.


But then one day that changed. I got on a plane and I went to Ireland. My dream finally came true.


Do you want to know how I did it? Do you want to know how to make your dreams of traveling come true?


Then follow these steps.


Decide That You’re Going to Travel

Sounds simple, right? Just decide to go. But the reason that it took me so long to travel is that I kept it as a dream. I always pushed it into the background as something that I would do “one day”.


I didn’t make it a priority, I didn’t make it a goal, and so it just sat there in the back of my mind as a dream.


It’s great to have dreams. But if you want to actually travel one day – if you want it to become a reality, then you have to decide that you’re going to do it.


You have to make it a priority.


Start Saving Money

Once you make traveling a priority, start saving money.


Pick one of these easy ways to start:


The Jar Method

Do you have coins or cash in your pockets or purse on a regular basis? Then grab a piece of paper and write the word “Travel” on it. Tape this piece of paper on a jar. Then put the jar in a place where you will see it every day. Put coins or your pocket change into it daily.


The Envelope Method

Do you withdraw cash from an ATM every week or every month? Great! Every time you do that, withdraw an extra $5 or $10 (whatever works for your budget). Then when you get home, put that extra money into an envelope that you’ve labelled as “Travel”.


The Account Method

Do you hardly ever handle cash anymore? Yeah, me too.


In that case, set up a separate savings account that you’ll use just for your travel savings. Then set up a weekly automatic transfer of $1 to $5 from your checking account to your savings account.


This is a really great way to save money because you don’t have to think about it, and you can set up an amount that’s small enough that you won’t notice it but that will grow over time.


Take Advantage of Cash Surprises

Did you get a bonus from work this year? Did you get a tax refund or maybe a cash rebate on something you bought?


Great! Put a small amount of that money towards your travel savings.


Now, I know – you probably already spent that money in your head the instant you heard about it. But seriously, take a bit of that money and save it for travel. Every time. It will make a difference, and help you meet your travel goals.


Double Down and Add Travel to Your Budget

Once your savings start to grow, you’ll probably find that the idea of traveling becomes more real to you. It stops feeling like a dream, and starts feeling like something that will happen.


Now that you have that feeling – and the excitement that comes with it – add travel as an actual part of your monthly budget. Just like you have money set aside for your cell phone or your car, budget a specific amount of money that will go to your travel fund each month.


Yes, this is in addition to the simple saving methods above. Why? Because once you add travel to your budget, and save money for it every month, it becomes normal to you. It becomes a part of your regular routine. Just like you never think about the money you spend on your cell phone – you just do it. Only with your travel budget, that money goes to you (instead of the phone company) and now your travel savings will grow faster. You’ll get encouraged every time you see those savings grow.


Making Extra Money

Did you notice that I haven’t talked about getting a side hustle or making some extra cash yet? I did that because I specifically wanted to talk about how to save money.


I wanted you to get a taste for saving first. It’s quick to get started and easy to do. And it changes the idea of traveling from a dream to a reachable goal.


After that, if you’d like to reach your goal faster, then making some extra cash here and there, or getting a side hustle can definitely speed up the process.



So, here’s a quick recap:

  • Decide that traveling is important to you.
  • Take action today. Set up a jar, an envelope, or an account and put some money in it now.
  • Add extra cash to your travel savings whenever you get a surprise amount.
  • Then make travel a part of your budget.


So, what are waiting for? Isn’t it time to start to provide that, spin the globe and start traveling?! 🙂

* This text reflects the opinions and experiences of the guest writer and does not reflect the views of the blog author