When I started my travel blog, a lot of my friends and people around me asked me how to start a blog.

How do you know how to start a web page?

How did you decide that this is for you?

What if you don’t know what to write about in one moment?

There were a lot of questions and I decided to share my experience and what I think that is more important about it.

  1. Choose a theme

Before you start. Think about what do you want to write about. Pick a theme. Something that you’re really interested about. Find your USP (unique selling point). With your USP you won’t be only one fish in the sea. What is that is making you different from others?

There is a lot of bloggers outside. Some of them are writing about traveling, pets, how they ride a bike around the world, some of them just about hotels, etc.

Find your own nice and make it fun, find your own inspiration and make a story about it – an interesting one.

  1. Make your own domain

In bloggers world is very important that you have your own name. Pick an interesting one that will describe what are you writing about and one that is original, just yours and free.

When you’re choosing your name, be careful about:

  • Make it simple and easy to remember
  • Don’t use special characters or numbers
  • Don’t use more than 15 letters

Next one is to choose; do you want a free domain, or you want to pay for it.

  1. Open your blog

Next step is to open your blog page.

Out there there are a lot of platforms on which you can use. Find the best one for you.

For example, I’m using WordPress.

If you choose a free one, then your name will be like (myname.wordpress.com).

If you pay for your own it will look like (myname.com)

When you’re choosing between domains, on WordPress you have three possible plans and choices:

  • Personal plan
  • Premium plan
  • Business plan

Pick up the one that is best for you and start.

Here are my reasons why I love WordPress:

  • They have a lot of bloggers tools that you need
  • They are HUGE – a lot of people, especially bloggers that I know are using WordPress
  • They have customers service 24/7 if you need
  • They are cheap


  1. Choose a language

My recommendation is that you pick English for writing. It’s simple, easy and everybody can understand it (well, most of the people on this planet).

When you write on your local language (if it’s not English) you have a small number of readers. Today in this media life we are all a little bit lazy to translate something that we want to read about every single time. And sometimes the translation has not the same meaning as original.

  1. Plan of posting

Plan for yourself. Give to yourself some deadlines. How many times per week/month you will post new articles. Try to not break it. This will keep you motivating to keep going at good work. So, this will give you feeling that you need to write and it’s useful because you won’t have a lot of hols on your page.

  1. Pictures and everything else

My recommendation is that you use only your original pictures. Every time when you’re taking photos remember that you will need more that one. Try to make more.

But one BIG think – don’t download them on Google. Most pictures on Google are protected, and you don’t want to pay for using someone’s picture or personal rights.

Another possibility is to find pictures that are free to use, but better to use your own if you want to have your own brand and a name.

  1. Promotion

To promote your blog is one of the main things for success. Otherwise, how people will know for you?

Find bloggers groups on Facebook and share your posts there, contact touristic agencies and make a deal with them that you will write for them and instead they promote you.


For me these 7 things are the most important. You just need to keep writing and promoting your good work. If you have any further questions about it, feel free to contact me. And if you have a travel blog, please leave it in a comment 😊