Sure one of the recommendation if you are visiting Malta, a trip to the island of Comino. A small island with a crystal-blue beach is one of the things that highlights when visiting the country. There are organized excursions from individual cities, but we have opted for another variant. We’re going to the port and from there we hunt the ferry that drives us to that tiny island. In the harbor you have two agencies, we have decided for the one that was 10 € and we have the opportunity to stay all day. Because of the excessive crowds, during the summer visit to this small island is limited, there are a number of people who can enter the island. We had the good fortune so we went hand in hand the same day. The ferry leaves you on the beach, and it’s up to you to spend the rest of the day on return to the main island of Malta. The agency we chose was different from the others because we had a chance to tour around other non-inhabited islands and caves, to explore pirate routes. We did not mind the first one, but we came back, they did not take us.


The island is actually an island between Gozo and Malta, the island is named after the rock grew up on the island, today the same island counts only 4 permanent residents, the island is a bird’s reserve and a protected area of nature. The island consists of many cliffs and large deep caves that have used pirates in history to attack ships that would travel between Malta and Gozo. In the 16th and 17th centuries the island served as a prison, prisoners would have to be guarded to the seclusion on Sv. Mary, today is also a tower and main attraction on the island – beside him there is a police station, a hotel and a Catholic church. Today, the island is the most popular filming film (Troy, Swept Away, Count Monte Cristo).
The most famous part of the island and only the center of tourism is the Blue Lagoon – called it a piece of paradise in Malta, due to the crystal blue sea.


Perfect to escape from everyday life that consists of going to work, afternoons on the beach and then night shifts. Although such a life is not bad when I think about it, at least not when you sit on the beach every day and you have time for yourself. Yes, just for yourself. I don’t remember when I had a better organized life than in Malta. I don’t have enough time in Croatia, but really nothing. Let’s not talk about the possibility of another job if you are in another town. Here it is really easy. And it doesn’t even make me the slightest problem because the atmosphere and people are the best I’ve ever had in life. I’m looking forward to such things here. You know how strange this is when people from Croatia ask me to repeat them again because they are not sure they heard it. We are all frustrated at home and are only counting until the end of their working hours. I will not pay attention again to the wages, the differences are incomparable and the reason is so. There is no concept of late payment here. If you do the job for 4 hours, and the shift is 8, you’re done, you’re home. Of course, depending on which profession you are and where you are working, if you work at a bar you will not be sent home. If you can choose where to go, Malta is still number one. It is still not measured by any of the 16 countries I count for now. There I just find something for myself.
Let’s be honest, who would not spend at least every third day, like this ?!


I think Malta is one of the countries where it is really possible. Why do I say one of them? Maybe one day I will find it in some other country, albeit difficult. Until then, the map will be directed in one direction only to one location.
On the island you have practically access to this beach, honestly, it is in the period from February to the beginning of December, at the same time the entire tourist season in Malta. We tried to go early in the morning, but the same scenario was waiting for us. Whenever you go, in Malta you can not be alone at the beaches (if you are not on the hidden ones of course).
But any season that you choose for a visit or for living, Malta will make sure that it doesn’t leave you indifferent, I’m sure of that.
In addition to drinking pineapple from the beach of Malta, I send greetings until next Monday.