People are used to go everywhere with someone. They are not open-minded. You need friends, family, always someone to go with you somewhere.

When I was younger I was also like that. In my country you need to think like the most people do or you are crazy. You’re not normal if you want something more and if you decide it by yourself. When you have an idea, then you call your mom, dad, friends, cousins to ask for advice.

Otherwise – it’s not normal.

In country like that you feel weird when you want something more, when you think you can do better or more. It’s not normal to sit in the bar – ALONE. It’s not normal to sit in the restaurant and have lunch – ALONE. If you go out on Saturday night alone or to cinema and you watch the movie alone – you’re CRAZY.


YES. When you are little, you watch people around you, and you find a few of them who are “CRAZY”. Then you think – yep they are crazy, how dare they to do that things alone.

When you go out next time – look around yourself. You will notice there are a thousands “crazy” people around you. It’s not a shame to do something alone. Sometimes it’s better to do something alone than with annoying friend who has a bad day.


When I told my idea to move to another country to my friends. Some of them supported me, some of them not. That was normal to expect. They had a lot of questions. Like, how you are going to make it,  you don’t know anybody, you don’t have a plan for a long time..

First step for moving to another country was to decide which one to choose, the decision wasn’t easy. So many beautiful countries on my list to explore and I need to pick only one.

The choice was Malta – my first experience of living abroad. I choose it for my Erasmus programme at my last year at the University. And I didn’t regret any moment there. The people there are so kind and open-minded. They are ready to help you in any moment. The good thing was that the English is their second language so that was a BIG plus only my list for that country. How I felt there and what are my experiences? You can check in my blog posts about Malta.


During my 3 month abroad life in Malta, I wasn’t calm, I was thinking about my next destination. I knew some destinations that I want to visit when I come back to Croatia, but I was thinking about the next “living” adventure.

There is nothing wrong if you feel like you need to live far away from your home for some time. It’s good for your personality because you learn more about yourself, about who do you want to be and what do you want to do in your life. Without all the voices in your head what you should do. There is only you, and you are that person who makes decisions in that moment – for yourself.

In moments like that you learn how to become more self-confident and how to live in this world – on your own way. You are that person who makes the road for yourself.

Once when you try that kind of life – you just want more. Some people don’t, but you need to try it at least one time in your life to be sure on which side do you belong.

Don’t be scared, the world is one wonderful place and it’s waiting only for you!

And here I am, a little bit less than a year later, I’m living abroad again!

This time, my decision is…






Why Spain?

When I was a kid, I always watched Spanish telenovelas and I fall in love with Spanish language. I told myself that one day I will visit Spain or I will live there, so since then I wanted to visit Spain and I never managed it, it was always something else. It was always something closer to Croatia.

But finally that day came.

I didn’t just visit it – I move there.

How long I will stay here?

I won’t tell you that for now.

But I’m sure in one thing.


It will be for a very long time…..


How I feel there and what am I doing?


I will write about it in my next blog posts..


Until that…


One big kiss from Spain!