The whole December is at Christmas spirit. So, I decided to write about something a little bit different.

Not about the presents, last shopping before closing and similar things.

This time I decided to write about something that we all need in times like this – about doing some useful things, such as volunteer.

My kind of volunteering and helping was a little bit different than usual.

Usually people go to some homes to help other people, kids, animals, etc.

But I decided to share my travel experiences with others for free.




I contact one nursing home in Zagreb (Croatia) and decided to help them.

I was speaking about my travels, about my 3 moths living in Malta. About my experiences, about my life with locals and my usual habits there.

If you want to do the same, they have that kind of speeches once a week almost during the whole year, for a contact – find them here: Dom za starije osobe “Centar”.

I had a wonderful time with all that kind people.

I was there in May 2017.

And I decided to come back.

My next time with them is at the end of the January 2018 and I’m so excited that I can’t wait!

This time I will share my experience about living in Spain.

As you know if you’re following my travels around the world, now I’m living in Spain completely alone. And that was one of the best decisions that I could make for myself.

When you live completely alone, you get to know yourself better. You are starting to get know what is wrong and what is right for you.

You become a better person.

The things that I share with these people last time when I was in Croatia, and the things that I will share this time are completely different.

Not only because of the new country, culture, people. On the first place because of me. Because I’m a little bit different now, I change some things about me.

How I see the world now. How I live now.

And that are the things that we all should do.

Do something more for yourself.

Make a change.

So, a new year, this 2018 I wanted to start with something that is making me a better person.

To go back to volunteer. And to make something for that people, for other people around me. At least with my stories, just for a moment to take them with me at that place.

To show them, how I’m living there, what I’m doing there, how I feel there.

With something that brings a smile on my face.

With something that brings a smile on their face and with something that makes them happy at least for a moment.

I hope that you will try to volunteer one day.

At least just for one day, just like me.

At least to try to see if that is for you.

Just for a little to make someone happy.

I hate when somebody tells me, you’re doing that for free.

And my answer is always the same.

YES, I do that for free.

And you know why?!

There is no money, there is no person who can pay me enough when I see the smile on people’s faces when I share my stories with them and when I hang out with them at least for a couple of hours.

That’s the best gift for me and the greatest award than any other.

So, do it. At least once. You will feel better, I’m sure in it.


Happy holidays to all of you! 😊