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It was a quiet time for some time now since we had last guest post on Travel Optician page, but today we’re moving on with it and we’re representing you 4 safety trips when you travel in India. My guest today is Navneeth. But let’s read a little BIO to find out more 🙂


I’m Navneeth, Based in Bangalore, India and I have travelled to 20+ cities in India and 1 foreign trip to Srilanka. When I’m not travelling, I would like to spend time doing paper crafts and learning a new course from Coursera.

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After we found out who is Navneeth, let’s take that ride together!



I have been exploring many cities in my country for the past 3 years and I got the opportunity to meet foreigners sharing their “only in India” moments. I am glad to see my country India being appreciated with beautiful tourist spots and underrated destinations. However, I also witnessed my fellow travel mates facing challenges during their trip. So, Here are some safety tips for the foreigners to make their Indian trip safe and comfortable.




  1. Use OLA or UBER cabs whenever and wherever!

When in India, avoid tuk-tuks and unmetered cabs at all costs. They are less trustworthy and might loot you with exorbitant price. I suggest you to prefer OLA(https://www.olacabs.com/) or UBER(https://www.uber.com/in/en/) any day. Not only they charge you according to meter basis but also the cab drivers will take you to your destinations safely and comfortably with any questions.


  1. Find an Accommodation at Backpackers hostel!

Avoid cheap hotels as they do not promise 100% customer satisfaction. Instead choose backpackers hostels. Companies like Zostel(https://www.zostel.com/) and Backpackers Panda(https://backpackerpanda.com) have opened their hostel chains all over India to provide cheap accommodation for the travelers. From my view, I had a great experience in using backpacker’s hostel as they provided great ambience, pocket friendly price per room and a chance to meet and connect with fellow travelers.


  1. Use Cash for all transactions

Despite India going in the ambitious digital currency path, it is still advisable for the foreigners to use cash as much as possible! As the forex card might be risky to use even though forex card is the safe way to keep your money.  Make sure you keep your cash safe and untraceable to the public and avoid falling prey to the pickpockets’.



  1. Avoid Hawkers and Souvenir salesman at all costs!

I personally hate these salesmen trying to sell souvenirs like ornaments, statues etc that is of no use. If you are travelling to the famous tourist spots like Goa, Mumbai or North India, avoid these touts. They will see you as a target and persuade you more to buy their scam products.



Also, while you’re in that part of the world be sure to visit Dubai 😀

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