During my trip to Budapest, Hungary I was invited by Aquaworld Resort Budapest to stay with them and make a review of their service.

During my stay in Budapest, I also went to Aquaworld Resort Budapest.

One of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe offers unforgettable entertainment for the whole year, for the whole family. This complex, which is located in the northern part of Budapest is waiting for adrenaline addicts with 11 giant water slides, wave and surf pools, and lovers of relaxation with saunas and thermal baths.


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They offer few possibilities between you can choose:


Experience aquatic recreation with the help of 15 pools – our facility has a total of 19 pools with drift lanes and water jets to pamper our guests, with a total water surface of 4000 m2 all-year-long.


All the way we go… in the indoor adventure pool, 11 slides of a total length of almost 1 km guarantee adventure and entertainment throughout the year.


Sauna world – separated from the busy space of the spa – is an island of tranquillity, scene of regaining health of both body and soul. Its 11 different units demonstrate the magic of sauna culture, thus contributing to regenerating both mental and physical strength, required in everyday life.

Sauna world offers Russian and Finnish sauna, as well as outdoor log sauna, steam cabin, bio sauna, infra sauna, crystal sauna, tepidarium, ice cabin, dip pool, Kneipp pool and peaceful and quiet areas to relax.

Open every day from 10:00 to 21:30.


Aquaworld Resort Budapest Hotel and Aqua Park offers a wide variety of programs for both children and adults (0-99 years) every weekend and during school holidays.


  • Ági Kovács

If you want to learn how to swim, or just want to improve your swimming skills, the Aquaworld Swim Academy is the best choice! Our Olimpic gold medalist Ági Kovács created the most efficient way to learn the basics of swimming for every age group.

  • Baby swimming

After nine months inside, babies are familiar with swimming in water. Following a little practice, they are happy even diving under water, where the environment reminds them of the womb and they re-live happy moments.  During the dive they are accompanied by their mothers and fathers, who also get an experience of a lifetime, swimming together with their infant.



  • Celebrate your birthday in Aquaworld
  • Class trips




The aquaworld, where the modern architecture meets the not-modern, the stone faces that tend to look over the people there always reminded me of the ancient cultures of Aztec, Inca and cultures from Mesopotamia, their grand designs that inspire people even today, just how did they manage to do it, I guess we may never know the answer to that, but we can still enjoy their legacy.

I can highly recommend them if you want to escape a little bit for all rush and from the real world.


This aquapark being exceptionally clean and having great service. And I really have no objections on the aquapark it is amazing, I’m sure I will come back.

  • Service is great
  • Staff is one of the best I have ever met
  • Really clean area
  • Nice decor

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