During your travels, do you stop by in some bar because it has a great decoration? Or it’s cute on a first when you see it?

The same happened to me with this bar when I was in Santiago.

Walking down the streets I saw this little cute bar and soon it was on my list “favorite places” in Santiago.

If you’re walking El Camino the French one you’re gonna enter the town that way, you need to pass it, so there are  chances to miss it.



This was one of my favorite spots in Santiago de Compostela when I lived there for a year. They make a few different styles of cake, but I normally went with anything that had that was chocolate and it was great. For me they also serve one of the best sangria in the town. They normally play some chill music and the servers were always in a good mood and I felt like home when I was there. I make a point to go back whenever I visit to relive the good ol’ days!

If you’re tired after the camino, grab a café con leche and celebrate. Even if you didn’t do it, you can still enjoy the warmth of my favorite city on even its coldest, rainiest day.



So, see you there next time?! 😉