During my trip to Budapest, Hungary I was invited by the Liberte – Grand Cafe & Restaurant to stay with them and make a review of their service.

During my summer vacation I decided to make things a little bit different this time. In the time when everybody’s are on the coast I made an exception and escape to Budapest.

Why Budapest?!

It was festival time, if you heard for Sziget festival, then you know what I’m talking about, but this is not a post about it, so let’s leave it for some other time.

Today I’m gonna talk about FOOD!

When you travel you always check some good restaurants and recommendations where is good to eat, drink and where is good to go and what to see.

I got an recommendation for Liberte – Grand Cafe + restaurant and I didn’t regret it to be honest.


Liberte offers a lot and you won’t go out hungry from there. Even if you don’t speak Hungarian like me, stuff is so polite and they’re willing to speak with you in English, also they can recommend you what is good to choose if you can’t make a decision.

They offer:

  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Wine
  • Breakfast
  • Brunch


During the mornings you can have a typical Hungarian breakfast with hot and cold food, as well as coffee’s and juices. The restaurant is an intimate cozy atmosphere, very colorful and does hold a lot of tables. You can choose do you want to sit outside or you want to pick up your place in warm ambient inside.



I got a Norwegian breakfast – herbed omelette, picked salmon slice, herbed cream cheese, caviar, lemon.

For second plate I took waffles – strawberry – chocolate waffle – whipped cream,  fresh strawberry, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup.

On all that like a point on i – I ordered Grapefruit lemonade which was cold and the taste was fantastic.




Except this restaurant being exceptionally clean and having great service, there is nothing that I would not recommend about it. I really have no objections on the restaurant it is amazing.

  • Service is great
  • Staff is one of the best I have ever met
  • Really clean 
  • Amazing food and drinks
  • Superb Location
  • Nice decor