During my stay in Spain, I had a chance to visit some bars and restaurants, to live for a year in some town in another country is enough to try some new things around.

Today’s choice is Pub Momo 🙂

Let’s check what you can find there 😉


Pub Momo is a cool student pub where u can both chill and mingle in a nice setting, and play billiard or enjoy the outdoor garden. It’s Spain, so the beer is cheap, and u get free popcorn for every beer you buy, if i remember correctly. The things that are not that bueno, is the toilet, there is just one i think, which gets pretty messy through the night. And there is not a really good spot for dancing either. PLUS for cool sharable drinks with long-lasting flames!


This place is one of the places that all the locals will take you if you’re trying to get a drink late night. If you’re done dinner and you want to hang out with your friends then this is a good place to go. They have some of the best outdoor seating in all of Santiago.

Get two drinks, get the third of equal value for free, but keep the tickets! If you order your drinks and walk away then they might not hold onto it for you.

They have popcorn that’ll come with your drinks so don’t expect the typical big tapa to come cause it’s more of a cool spot to chill and hang out.

Order crema de orujo (similar to Bailey’s but better, in my opinion) or licor café (coffee liquor similar to Kahlua but way better) if you want to try something local!

Enjoy! 😉


Check their web – here.


I’m sure I’ll come back as soon as I’m in their neighborhood again!

You should stop by too!

So, see you there?! 😉