For the start I’m taking you on a road trip around Balkan countries.
I explored the most of Croatia so far, why do I say most? Because only left a couple of cities and islands to say that I went through each corner of the same. As long as I don’t, I still count. One of the Croatian cities that belonged to this category is Dubrovnik. I decided it was time to cross it from my bucket list. I work on a plan and find various tours and opportunities. Since I’m not a person who prefers the agency and that everything is served, I’m just not going for the guide and his program, this option was not a choice. I toke the map into my hands and go alone with my plan.

When I’m already “descending” to Dubrovnik, which is not a small way for someone like me who decides to such a venture and lives in a small town like Sisak, the only decision is a road trip. I agree about the city idea, which goes like this:
Croatia: Rogoznica – Dubrovnik – Cavtat
Montenegro: Igalo – Herceg Novi – Kumbor – Đenovići – Baošići – Tivat – Budva – Sveti Stefan – Petrovac – Kotor – Persat
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kravica Falls – Mostar – Medjugorje

In the first post we will go a part of the way that looks like this:

Screenshot (106)


A few days before departure the only accommodation we have booked through Booking is located in Montenegro, in Baošići. If you are interested in the accommodation look for it – here. Our stay was interesting because it was in the form of a bungalow and only 250 m from the beach. We had the whole thing for ourselves and we didn’t share anything that mattered to us. So let’s move on. We drive about 5 am from Sisak and drive to the south of Croatia. We only stop in Cavtat and drink the first morning coffee with the sea view. We continue to Montenegro. About 3 pm we arrive at our destination – Baošići.

We left our things and we went to the afternoon swimming. Honestly, the beach didn’t impress me at all, later I saw much better on the Montenegrin coast as we went further. We’re here tonight and we went on research. The second day we decide to visit Herceg Novi and Kumbor. Although we were more free because we had our own car, here we have decided to use the public bus or bus. The ride was 1 € per direction and they still have buses on the bus as during the former state. And more than we paid for because the crowds were unlucky and parking was almost impossible to find.


All places around Montenegro are extremely small, they are fast-paced, but crowds are huge. What is not that strange if you are spending summer months like me. I inquired about Montenegro myself before traveling because I know a girl from Serbia who has been spending her time there for years, which I met during mylife in Spain, and later on. Also, a girl from Montenegro who replaced her home with Barcelona, one of the travel bloggers as well as I with whom I have been working for a long time. We visited an old town in Herceg Novi that looks delightful. But they say that the pictures speak more than words, so judge that part yourself.



For a dinner on a recommendation, we decide for dinner at the Tri Lipe restaurant. My hot recommendation, the food was really delicious and the portions great. The staff is kind and quick. What matters to me is extremely important. The ambient of the restaurant is decorated in an old-fashioned style.



But enough about food because it makes me too hungry. However, we later tried ice cream on the recommendation of the host we stayed at. Be sure to go to the DIDI pastry shop and try the best ice cream in Herceg Novi, we have checked ourselves and made sure there is no better. It would be fun to say that I did not try anymore during our entire trip to Montenegro.
We are counting on our second day in Montenegro and decided to take a trip to this small country. We will go early in the morning and drive towards Tivat. We decided that we will cross part of the ferry route to Tivat, and there is also a landing option that we will use on return. In Tivat, we drink our first morning coffee this day and stop at the sight of Porto Montenegro.


We go further and stay brief and take a look at Budva and Sveti Stefan. We come to Petrovac where I am with a friend and we stay there until late afternoon hours. From locals living there we find that Montenegro is so constructed that it is not nearly as it was ten years ago. Beaches are also not the same and natural. They recommended us to rent a boat and go to some beautiful hidden beaches, unfortunately we did not have that much time. I had an agreed next trip for which I could not afford a day longer, and there was still much to see. Tourism has ravaged Montenegro, which unfortunately happens more and more to all tourist-rich cities. We are moving slowly back to our original destination. We decide for a short pause of 2 hours at St. Stephen and afternoon bathing.



After the afternoon break. It’s time to come back. As we have come to this side of the state by shorter ferry or ferry, we return for a long way and return to a big circle around the bay. The first break for a break after a long drive is done in Kotor. Which is a bit to say I’m delighted and one of my favorite Montenegrin cities, somehow I have a soul. One of the good tourist offers in Kotor, if you need it, you can rent a broom. Yeah, well, you read.



We are moving further to the old town. The only thing I regret about Kotor is the restaurant we got for the recommendation. They said they were not able to serve us though it was for working hours and they were half empty. The rest of the atmosphere is very positive and somehow relaxed despite the great tourist crowds.



We move on to Perast, we stop briefly. The way we carry on, after a hard day is all we need for bed. The day was long, but we were happy with the things we managed to do in so little time. We are again at our starting point from where our tour of Montenegro started, in Baošići. Tomorrow is a new day ahead of us, we are waiting for new roads and new challenges. How did we do it? I’ll tell to you the next time.


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