Hey there guys! Next few  weeks I will be sharing with you my adventures from the capital of Italy – Rome.

How I decided to go there? Well, for some time I decided to live in Croatia, again. So, I was looking for some “close” option to spend few days and relax, just normal and working vacation in the same time. It’s not like I have something against working holidays, lately they’re all like that, so I don’t know for any other kind of anymore. But, I like it every single day even more. But let’s start.

I was looking for the options from Croatia and for the cities that are close but also for ones that aren’t crossed on my list yet. The pin fall on Rome. Let’s do it.



This time I won’t spoke about transportation because it depends where are you coming from. This time we decided to stay in private apartment and not to use any hostels and hotels. We found it over Booking, you can check ours – here. We were located in Trionfale part. Quite close to the center and to the Vatican City.


Did you know that you can separate Rome in 7 parts? If you take a drive with a car around Rome you have 33 possible exits.

The best option that we found suitable and functional for us was a pass for 7 days. It’s valid for trams, metros, buses and trains, the price is 25€. It’s valid from the moment when you put it in ticket machine, 7 days from that day until midnight.


Our first day when we arrived we didn’t have so much time to get deeper and to discover some details so we just decided to make a little stretch around.


We arrived at bus station in Rome – Tibutina at 9:30 in the morning. We took bus pass, for 25€ you get pass for train, tram, metro and buses valid for 7 days. We catched the bus number 306 to reach the Piazza Barrberini, there we checked little and cute fountain. After that with backpacks on our shoulders we took a walk of 7 minutes to reach the fontain Trevi. The most popular spot in Rome. We took a break in McDonald’s to catch WiFi (ours didn’t work in Italy this time). After a break in the center, we decided to find out apartment which was 40 minutes out of the center. First we catched the metro to the station Valle Aurelia, changing it for a train to Filippo Neri and walking about 8 minutes.

Without internet, in old country that we already know but in a new city, without internet, only with a plan in our hands. We realized that our plan is not SO good. Ok, let’s think about it for a second….this will NOT work. Definitely not.. but if nothing we have the whole afternoon to make new one, right?

It was already 2 pm so we decided to unpack our things and take a night walk around the city, we also needed to buy some groceries.  We stopped in Coop and for the rest of the night we were just moving around the Barrberini and Trevi part.


There is nothing special and unusual about first day. Even I think that, I catch myself in thinking how there actually is…. we’re in Rome, in the capital of Italy and we’re finishing and starting our New Year exactly here. Could it be better? I don’t think so…

It’s time to catch some sleep. There is a busy day in front of us. We already have our new plan in our pockets and we’re ready to get up in 5 am to catch some nice photos!