Summer 2017 I spend like an Au Pair in Galicia, Spain. If you missed my post about it, check it – here.

During my stay I had an opportunity to travel around a little bit. What did I visit, read below 😀


Cambados is a municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra. It is known for its famous white wine, Albariño.

  • Culture

Fishing is a major industry in this coastal area of Galicia (called Rias baixas). In Cambados, fish and seafood sellers sell at what is called La Plaza, which is a large and hallow installation that is very busy every morning (except for Sundays), as fish is usually part of the daily diet. La ría de Arousa, the body of water that surrounds this area, is rich in many types of seafood, as well.

In Cambados, seafood is mostly collected in “O Serrido” or “A Seca”, which is an area of water surrounding the San Tome Tower (see below) emptying out almost completely when the tide is low, leaving the perfect area for seafood collectors. Large groups of them, (mostly women, with a few exceptions once in a while) go when the tide is low with their buckets and tools to dig up the sand and collect seafood (clams, cockles, etc.). The culture in Cambados, as well as most coastal villages of Galicia, very much revolves around seafood. It is always eaten at Christmastime, on holidays, and (especially) at weddings. Every Saturday and Wednesday morning there is a market along the maritime walk, selling generally cheap clothing, accessories, shoes, perfumes, and household items. It is very popular because of its prices and walking through the market the sellers yell out prices and persuasions.

Most holidays call for fiestas, in which there are performances and rides, usually occurring during summertime. The largest and most famous of these fiestas is the Festa do Albariño, that usually lasts about a week towards the end of July or beginning of August. Tents are set up along the Calzada selling high quality Albariño wine and seafood, and most people walk around with a wine glass hanging with a thread from their neck. Performances during the Albariño are usually special: whilst other fiesta performances consist of unknown orchestras, the Albariño usually brings about more famous performers. For example, Alejandro Sanz has performed during these fiestas.


  • Albariño

Cambados is famous for its Albariño white wine. The area is generally moist, cool and windy, contributing to the grape’s thickness and the wine’s strong aroma. It has only been within this last decade that Albariño has been worldly known and has been grown outside of Galicia. This wine has been nicknamed “the wine of the sea”, because of its coastal vineyards and its compatibility with seafood (caused by its acidity).



Villagarcia de Arosa is a town and municipality of Spain . Located in the Salnés region , it belongs to the province of Pontevedra in the autonomous community of Galicia . In 2014, in the urban nucleus of Villagarcía de Arosa, 19465 inhabitants lived according to the INE. In 2017 the municipality had a population of 37479 inhabitants. It limits to the north with Catoira , to the east with Caldas de Reyes , to the south with Villanueva de Arosa and to the west with the Ría de Arosa . It is the ninth municipality in population of Galicia . It is 25 kilometers from the capital of the province, Pontevedra. It has one of the largest fairgrounds in Galicia , FEXDEGA .




The Island of Arosa is an island of the Ría de Arosa and a Spanish municipality, located in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia). According to the INE of 2011 , the population of the island was 5 020 inhabitants. The population is distributed in several neighborhoods, and its places of greatest interest are the lighthouse environment, the Areoso island (near the Arosa Island) and the Carreirón natural park, which is listed as a special protection area for birds. the heron populations, among other birds that inhabit the island. It has five ports, with the Xufre port being the most important, the docks of El Campo, Chazo and Cabodeiro are also important. The viewpoint of Santo is the highest point of the island, from where you can contemplate the town, its tourist and commercial activity, and also the beauty of the place. San Julián de la Isla de Arousa is the only parish of this island. Some of its beaches are La Arena da Secada, La Lavanqueira, El Bao, Camaxe, Carreirón, Espiñeiro and O Cabodeiro.



Villanova de Arosa is a coastal municipality located in the western part of the Salnés region (province of Pontevedra , Galicia), in northwestern Spain.



O Grove is a municipality belonging to the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, Spain. A peninsula that faces the Atlantic Ocean and the shores of O Salnés valley, enclosed by the southern Galician estuaries, the Rías Baixas.



Have you ever been in Galicia?

It’s not a first part of Spain that comes to your mind when someone mention Spain but it has some beautiful places to discover.