Malta was one of the options on a list of countries where I want to spend my summer days. At the first place because it has beaches – a LOT of beaches!

Fair enough to choose Malta?

I think so! 🙂

Sometimes before you travel or move to some country, you’re trying to find out as much as you can about that country, but sometimes you just can’t be prepared enough.

Some of the things that I wish I knew before I moved there are positive, some of them are negative.

So, let’s go! Are you ready? 😀


Like in every country if you’re lazy to go by public transport and to wait for a bus, you can use taxi. In Malta it’s a specific situation. The buses there have their own schedule but they’re never on time. Also, what I didn’t know, because in Croatia it’s not a case – that you need to HITCHHIKE buses. Yes, it’s true. It happened to me in the beginning, the buses were passing by, it wasn’t matter were they completely full or there was a place for you. In Croatia the bus will stop in every station, but it’s not a case with Malta. If you want that bus you will need to hitchhike it.

Also, my advice when we’re talking about taxi, don’t ever, never use white ones. They are extremely expensive. So, my advice would definitely be to use Ecabs or Red Cabs. It will save your money for sure.



Especially during the summer time, all Maltese towns and villages celebrate their patron saint in style with week-long activities leading up to feast day, which climaxes a procession, music and a lot, but really a LOT of fireworks.



For the first time in my life I tried hitchhiking and I decided it will be done in Malta. I was also sacred and I was asking myself did I need this? But other part of me wanted to try it. I had three crazy experiences.

In the middle of nowhere in 40 degrees in the air, I was waiting for a bus with a friend. That day we went to visit some catacombs in the morning and I needed to manage to be at the other side of the island by late afternoon to be on work on time. As the buses are never on time in Malta, we realised that I will be probably late. The only option that left was to – hitchhike. What was quite impossible on that side of the island because there was literally 0 traffic. Anyway I decided to put my finger up. I saw a man driving on the other side of the road going in opposite way, but he turn out his car and pick us up. We told him that we’re going to the airport. He drop us there. Without much communication because he was an old man and he didn’t speak English much, just Maltese. To be honest, we were a bit scared because the people on the island are so talkative and he was totally opposite. But at the end the story had a happy end, we reached the airport and our first hitchhiking ride was over and crossed from our bucket list in once.


Situation number two that we we’re facing with, was also in the area where you don’t have so much public transport. We we’re visiting Red Tower (St. Agatha’s Tower) and we decided to visit also a White one while we’re near. But to reach the White tower you need to walk at least two hours in one directions, an on the hot summer day that’s not the best option. This was our second but in the same time the fastest hitchhiking EVER. I just put my finger up and I hear a break sound behind me. Guy in the long white car stopped, pull down the window, with sunglasses and cigarette in his mouth asking – where do you want to go? The craziest ride in my entire life!

And third time, also in Malta happened few days before I let that wonderful island. We were searching for Victoria lines – please if you visit them, let me know do they exist. Because all locals that we asked no one heard for that attraction, but it does exist in the maps. So strange, but anyway that day we decided to reach Victoria lines. We couldn’t find them and we were already walking for 2 hours when I decided that’s time to stop and ask somebody for the right way. Around us there were no houses, just passing cars. So this time I just wanted to stop somebody to ask for a right way, but they thought that I’m hitchhiking so they didn’t want to stop. One guy passed us in some hippy van. I saw him stopping maybe a kilometer away, I was so angry because he didn’t want to stop. When we reached the place where the guy was standing, he told us that he felt sorry that he didn’t stop so he decided to stop and wait for us to see what we need. Ohh, I was so angry in that moment. He told us that he is originally from Malta but he never heard for a place where we’re going. So, maybe it was time to quit and find some nice beach. We had 2, actually 3 choices. First one was to walk where we came from, second to continue in the same direction and walk another 2 hours until we reach the next city or to accept an offer and to drive with that guy. Well, he had a nice hippy van so we accepted the offer. We we reach next town after a 45 minute drive, we sat to take some drinks with our new friend.

Malta can be quite interesting if we talk about hitchhiking and also if we look at Malta in general. I would like to go back one day definitely, even just for a few days.


First part about the thing that I wish I knew before I moved to Malta, I hope that you also learned something new, until the next time, safe travels 😉