When you are not full-time traveler like Travel Optician, then you wonder how to see more in short period of time. I’m always trying to connect more towns when it’s possible during my travel trips, doesn’t matter are they long or short ones.

For me it’s not interesting to be in one place all the time, it becomes boring – I always need something more.

So today I will represent you my little road trip around three Italian towns in one day. I was looking for something close to my country this time, enough for one day, but something different and unusual.


So let’s start!

First stop was Spilimbergo. It’s notably known as „The town of Moisaic“. The school has inherited the great mosaic tradition of Rome, Byzantium, Venice and Aquileia. Nowadays Spilimbergo is the capital of ornamental mosaic, for floors and walls decorations, as witnessed by the remarkable and precious works of art made by the school and by the town atelier. These works have enriched airports, universities, royal palaces, public and private buildings, gym halls, stadiums, cathedrals, mosques and monasteries all over the world.


Of historical and artistic interest is San Giuseppe e Pantaleones Church (known as the Frari’s Church – 16th century). The second architecture piece of art that we visit is the castle. The history of the castle is strictly related to the Lords of Spilimbergo who were the most remarkable in the area and were officials  („ministerial“) of the Aqulieian Patriarchate. Damaged by the earthquake, the Castle was later set to fire in 1511 during upheavals where only the frescos of Palazzo Dipinto (Painted Palace) could be recovered. Today the castle looks like a set of residential dwellings half surrounded by a deep moat and half raising sheer from the River Tagliamento.

4It’s a small town and it’s enough to spend there 2 hours max. Definitely your first stop should be the Mosaic school and then take a look around the city.

After a short walk around the city we went to the San Daniele. San Daniele is best known as the production center of the San Daniele prosciutto. The prosciutto is celebrated every summer at the end of June during the Aria di Festa. When you are already there it would be a shame not to visit prosciutto center. We decided to try it and we visited La casa del  prosciutto – Alberti. I recommend you to go there, you can take a walk around the whole production and see all the phases that prosciutto coming through, you can also try and enjoy in nice ambience. In San Daniele we didn’t spend so much time, we only take a short walk, because we were going to our next stop – Cividale dei Friuli and there we wanted to spend more time.


When we arrived to Cividale dei Friuli, we were surprised. This was our last town and it left the best experience on us. It’s small, cute, calm town and it’s still not so crowded with a lot of tourists. Locals are very friendly and the atmosphere is adorable that you want to stay. We decide to take a long break there, enjoy in local bars and take our long relax time. During the Christmas time in Cividale dei Friuli you can take a look on nursery wax, which were made from the nuns from the convent.


This trip was small but cute, most of the time we were just walking around the town. If you have any questions about organisation or what to see – feel free to contact me!

Some BONUS pictures this time for the end!