During my stay in Croatia I was invited by Treehouse Resnice Croatia to stay with them and make a review of their service.

After a short break, it’s time to travel again and I love when I’m moving around a lot, I’m just not that kind of a person who can be in one place for some longer time.

Do you remember your last time when you were completely relaxed and when you escaped from everything? When was the last time when you put your phone on a plane mood and you just enjoyed your time? For me before this trip, it was hard to remember. With our daily busy life and if you’re working like me every single day in the week it’s impossible.

So I found a new relaxing place for you where you can forget about everything even just for a short time, which in this busy life means everything. 


Treehouse Resnice-Mrežnica is located in Barilović in the Karlovac County and offers a terrace with mountain view. This cabin with a balcony is located in an area where activities such as cycling, canoeing and darts are available.

It contains a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, you can also use a garden which contains BBQ facilities. Surrounding is ideal for hiking activities.


Tree house is 45 km from the city Slunj and only 77 km from Franjo Tuđman airport – Zagreb. With your host you’ll met in the place Barilovici and they will show you the river Mreznica and a bit around – pure nature and happiness.


There is no electricity in the tree house and NO TV. You’re here with yourself – literally and people who came with you. If you ask me, that’s exactly what you need – or at least what I needed at this point of my busy life, a real return to a nature without social media. Even we bought a lot of things with us from home, in the house we found a lot of interesting social games, so you won’t be bored, that’s for sure. In Croatia it’s dark already around 8 pm so that was also quite weird for me, because I lived in Spain for a year and there is dark around 9 pm, during the summer days around 10 pm. Beside that, in the house with no lights, you depend on little solar lights, which is not bad if you’re completely connected with nature or at least you’re trying to be.

Also to be honest, when I mentioned that you return to the nature – I cheated a bit. I admit it publicly now. But it was impossible for me to turn down all social media and not to work for 2 days. I wish I can afford that – but in this world….. maybe one day, who knows 🙂

We arrived in afternoon, so we had some time to set down all and to get familiar with the house. During the night we weren’t so lucky with the weather, except if you’re a rain person – we’re not. But it was quite interesting to listen how it’s falling down on the roof and you’re under the warm blanket and you don’t need to go out. In the morning we had a nice breakfast. We decided to take something light, even it was a hard day in front of us. We pick croissant and coffee. Who knows me – knows how much I’m addicted to coffee, so I can’t imagine to start my day without it. It was really beautiful to have a first morning coffee and breakfast with a nice nature view far from the city.

Even if you prefer to stay in house to drink your coffee, you can relax in comfortable sofa and drink it in peace while you’re listening birds singing.

Even if you’re more a reading type, they have a solution for you, they cover you with books so you can have your own peace while you’re reading. I’m not kidding, look.

After lunch, finally some sun showed up, so I decided to take an opportunity and to relax a bit outside. It was a perfect way to escape and to be alone even just for a moment. During our stay, we had a cute company. Little cat that was with us all the time, somebody left her in the nature and she came.

And a little gallery for the end, enjoy 🙂


This tree house being exceptionally clean and having great service. And I really have no objections on the house it is amazing, I’m sure I will come back.

  • Service is great
  • Hosts are really friendly and ready to help
  • Really clean house
  • Superb Location – if you like nature
  • Nice decor
  • You have everything there – towels, bed sheets, even books 🙂
  • The kitchen is an exterior, separate facility. You do not have to carry paddles, plates, cutlery … it even has coffee, salt, sugar …
  • You have everything needed to ignite the grill fire
  • Besides canoe, there are bicycles, quads, badminton accessories, darts and other games
  • Mosquitoes – no. Not one
  • It’s enough for 4 adults plus a child. There is a bed and a sofa bed.
  • The cottage on the tree is beautifully decorated. The details are great and beautiful
  • It was built by the owners themselves with the help of friends
  • The only prerequisite for a pleasant stay is that you love nature and want to lose yourself in green and silence

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