Hello there guys! Today we have another blog post!  This guest post gave me my best friend. She spent here holidays in Pula and how it was – read in a new blog post. If you still don’t know where to go if you’re traveling to Croatia –  here is a bright new idea 😉

Istria is by itself a very interesting part of Croatia, it could be said that it is quite different. Personally, Istria loves to visit the “winter months”, because in the summer I prefer to go as far south. We decided to go to Pula and we didn’t regret it!



Pula is a town located on the southwestern end of the Istrian peninsula, and developed at the foot of the seven hills. On the inner part of the spacious bay and a naturally well-protected harbor that is open towards the northwest with two approaches, directly from the sea and through the Fazana Channel. It has a long tradition of wine, fishing, shipbuilding and tourism, and it is also a transit port.



Not far from the center of Pula lies the Aquarium. The first reminds me of the zoo, but of the animals living in the sea. The aquarium combines the wealth of the Adriatic with the centuries-old military history of Pula. Sami Aquarium is located in the 130-year-old fort Verudela, part of the once powerful defense complex of the Austro-Hungarian Fortress Pula. You can get acquainted with more than 250 species of living organisms, and the surface of the aquarium is 2570 m² with more than 100 pools and terrains.


The most impressive part of all for me is the “Sea Turtle Recovery Center”, where you can get acquainted with the tortoises that have been hurt and they take care of them. They also acquaint you with the date when the turtles came, what injured they are and how much it is assumed that the recovery could last.







The Amphitheater is the largest and most preserved monument of antique architecture in Croatia. Compared to more than 200 Roman amphibians, the four-stair tower staircase is the most conserved and rare example of unique technical and technological solutions. It is ranked sixth among the Roman amphitheaters in the world, and is the only one in the world whose entire three Roman architectural orders have been completely preserved.

By going to the amphitheater you go back to history and while you look at the old building, you wonder how they built it. Each “laic” can notice that all in parallel, the windows are identical, the arena itself takes the form of a perfect ellipse that seldom anyone who drew with such a hand so much has done so much. You can ask a lot of questions and really admire this miracle, especially when you consider what this arena has survived since the 1st century.

Since 1954, the Festival of Films in Pula has been held every year in Pula, and the arena was really hit, but unfortunately the remaining days of the arena are poorly conveyed and it is more than a passing attraction. My recommendation is to visit her from the inside just then it will give you a real impression of the arena.



Walking along the Pire you can conclude that it is all as if you are returning to history because it is a whole historic city. Some buildings today are part of the city and you will simply go under or next to a building, and you may not even notice it. Thus, the Temple of Augustus is located on the central city square Forum, and is now a well-preserved Roman Temple. We personally sit at the Forum to have coffee, absorb the still sunlight and the atmosphere of the preparation for the reception. We opened a map to see what else we should visit when we realize we’re sitting on a coffee, and a few feet from us is August’s temple. Pula is the only way you can walk to this and you can reach any historical building at every step.

Likewise, underneath the Slavic Sergijevac, you will go very smoothly as you walk, and do not be confused when you hear that they are the Golden Gate. The Golden Gate is a common name for the Archbishop of Sergievac.


Pula is a small and interesting city. If you like walking and sightseeing, I certainly recommend it. Their food is great personally we ate at Pizzeria Asterix and Pizzeria Jupiter and none of us have any objections but just praises. You can also shop at City Mall where you can find something for everyone and drink some fine coffee.


* This text reflects the opinions and experiences of the guest writer and does not reflect the views of the blog author traveloptician.com