When I look back, I already count a four years of traveling through this wonderful world. Sometimes it doesn’t feel so much at all and like I didn’t visit so many countries. But when I realize that I was traveling on a tiny student budget and with not so much free time – yep it’s a lot.


I will share with you a four most important things I’ve learn in this four years on the road.



  1. You realize what do you want and who you are

When you find yourself in another country, especially when you are there alone, you have a lot time to think about your life and who you truly are. Then you ask yourself some ordinary questions like, is that really me – everything that I’m doing in my life and with it. The first thing that you realize is do you like to travel or not and do you want to continue where the road leads you or you want to go back home. You have time to think do you want to change something about you, your career and your life generally. When you answer to yourself to those questions and you are sure in it, you find everything that you were looking for in your life.

  1. It’s not easy

It’s never easy, but you just to find something that is worth of it. There will always be hard days, that’s life, but when you find something positive and beautifully in every single day – it’s much better to deal with it. Sometimes it will be hard to find the right way, sometimes that thing is enough money for what you want. The main is to keep going – no matter what.

  1. You can do whatever you want and be whatever you want

When you are in other country it doesn’t matter where are you from and who you are, in most cases people won’t judge you and they don’t care. It’s not like when you are at home. At home everybody knows when you were little and if you do something wrong – they know you like bad person. They don’t give you a chance to show them that you are better person now, that you want to learn, that you want more and that you can make something by yourself. When you’re out there, in the big world, people don’t care. They don’t even ask for your past. They only care who are you now, what you can do now and who you can be now. Use that. And don’t let the fear to stop you to be who you really are. There outside, far away from home people will give you a chance. Show everybody who you are, and don’t ever look back.

  1. Somebody will always help you

If you are scared that you are out there all alone – you’re totally wrong. You are never alone. There is always people around you in every moment. If you ask for help you will get it. It’s not a shame to ask. You just need to dare. Doesn’t matter is it on the street or in some bar. If you don’t ask you will never now. If you ever had a feeling that you hate to ask for help – I had it too. But with traveling you just learns that you need to ask for help or you will stay where you are and you will not move from the death point.


These are the thing I’ve learn during my four year of traveling. I hope that my travel life has something more for me and that this is not the end. Beacuse we learn something new every single day. I can’t wait to see it all.


Happy travels,