In last three years I have been at few Christmas markets.

1. Wien, Austria

Three years ago, they call it The best Christmas market in Europe, and it was. Wien especially in that time of the year is wonderful. You have a lot of possibilities and lights all over the city. You can warm up with hot and delicious wines, the choices are infinity.


2. Sisak, Croatia

In Sisak, Christmas markets are not so big and shiny like in other towns where I have been. It’s a small town, but every year they offer something new. For example this year during the weekends you have concerts, you can buy heart magnets and inside they write for you what you want. It’s small, but cute and worth it!


3. Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava has a small Christmas market, and for me it wasn’t the best one. I’m sorry Bratislava, but I expected more. You have a few locations where you can find the same (read completely the same) things for the same price (WHY then?). But they have the big place for skating on ice so that is a little bit better!


4. Zagreb Croatia

Second year in a row Zagreb have the best Christmas market in Europe. Definitely it is! In Zagreb you have a lot of thing to do during that days. You have places to take pictures and put interesting Christmas accessorizes. You can walk trough few locations in town, it’s not only in the center. In front of train station you can skate on ice, you can drink wine with your friends or eat sausages. Special and the best thing there for me are fritters (if you are chocolate lover like me, you won’t go home without them). Zagreb is my favourite place to be during the Christmas time, it has that “home” spirit, which I didn’t find anywhere else, so well done Zagreb!



I would like to wish you and your family holidays that sparkles and shines. May all of your wishes and dreams come true and may you feel this happiness all year round!