Dubrovnik was for a long time on my Bucket list, also one of the towns in Croatia that stayed uncrossed. So, it was time to change it, as I visited almost every single city in Croatia, Dubrovnik was on that “black” list of the places where I still have to go.

I was making a tour over three countries – Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia. So, it was perfect time to put Dubrovnik on that list and to cross it once. Maybe I will come back, I’ll never say never, but for now – once is totally enough.


Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia on the Adriatic sea and possesses a long and rich history. As I already mentioned that Dubrovnik has a rich history, the development of Dubrovnik was occurred in the 15th and 16th centuries, when it expanded into a booming maritime trading center.


Nowadays, Dubrovnik is an important international turist destination attracting visitors from all over the world. The city has everything, form breathtaking views, historic buildings and wonderful national wonders.

With cheap flights Dubrovnik is coming more often one of the most attractive cities to visit.


Encircled by massive stone walls, the UNESCO World Heritage – listed Old City of Dubrovnik’s a wealth of things to see and do.

How much time do you spend here will determine how many of the following attractions in Dubrovnik you can tick off from your list.



The walls that surround the city provide an excellent spot for sightseeing at all angles. They are usually the number one of the things what to see in Dubrovnik on anybody’s list. The first Dubrovnik city wall was built around the city as early at 9th century. Since then, the walls have been  rebuilt and fortified numerous times, including after the shelving damage from the 1990s. The walls were strengthened when the Turks threatened to invade during the 15th century.


A mighty defensive ring consisting of massive walls, fortresses and towers, they offer views and protection by land and by sea. It can be quite a climb to get to the top of these walls, especially when it’s hot outside.

In addition to the city walls, you might also want to check out the majestic Lovrijenac Fortress. It’s located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Adriatic sea. You can reach the fortress via a flight of stairs from Pile beach.


First off, let’s head to the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, a baroque structure built on the site of a 7th century basilica. The original cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake in 1667.


Filled with history, not only is the building an outstanding work of art for itself, but is home to a polyptych by the 19th century Italian painter Titan called the Assumption of Mary. The architecture of the alerts is something to marvel at, as well as the treasury.


The Rector’s palace is a beautiful mix of Gothic and Renaissance design and architecture. The palace was built-in 15th century for the Rector governing Dubrovnik. It includes the Rector’s private chambers, administrative offices, public halls and even a dungeon.


Today, Rector’s Palace is the Curtual History Museum. The museum shows off restored rooms and portraits alongside coats of arms and coins that tell the history of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The architecture of the palace is quite remarkable. Having been rebuilt several times, it still holds onto its historical roots. Additionaly, the Rector’s Palace also holds live concerts during the Summer Festival.


From the large Onofrio’s fountain, the Old Town of Dubrovnik main street extends for almost 300 meters. Known as Placa or Stradun this wide pedestrian street is one of the top things to see and to do in Dubrovnik. Elegant historic buildings line the promenade, housing gift shops, restaurants, bars and a couple of museums. Several smaller side streets sprout from Placa, beckoning visitors to explore the Old Town’s labyrinth of alleys in greater detail.



Dubrovnik is home to several locations used in filming the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. Dubrovnik is the proper setting of King’s Landing, the capital of the fictional Seven Kingdoms realm.

Take a three – hour tour around the Dubrovnik Old Town to see where the most of the filming took place. Upgrading your tour will include an extra one and a half tour trip to Trsteno Arboretum. On this tour, you will follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters. It is like traveling back in time and to another world. Even if you’re not a fan, this tour could definitely turn you in one.


Mt. Srdj over Dubrovnik provides you a bird’s-eye view over Croatia’s most visited city. You can also grab a snack or a drink at the restaurant on the summit while waiting for the sun to set over the shimmering Adriatic Sea. This is hands down the best sunset spot in Dubrovnik, simply one of those really cool things to do in Dubrovnik.


I had a great time in Dubrovnik this time. I couldn’t enjoy it more! 😀

Have you already been there? Did you like it? 🙂